Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wow! I must love October!

As I peruse my blog, I noticed that I posted here 16 times!  That's a record for me!  LOL!  Well, I guess cause there's been alot of activity with new dolls coming in and me making time to post pictures of them.  I plan on taking more photos of them after they've all arrived ~ somthing more like a group photo.  Kind of helps me keep track of how many new and old dolls I have.

So far, I've kept my count of ten Ellowyne's!!  Even though I have been tempted as alot of people are selling older edition dolls so they can buy the newer ones.  Here's my group shot of Ellowyne....

And here's some pictures of the newest Ellowyne's and Prudence that Wilde Imagination is currently listing....

This is Essential Prudence Three, Wigged Out, $110
She's such a comical gal...I'm not feelin her face up.  But I do love the new wig she's wearin!

up close

Here she is in the white wig.  I am DEFINITELY not liking this wig AT ALL!!
I think it's the expression on her face, that I don't like.  Well, I wouldn't have bought this gal anyway!  If I bought this doll AND IT WOULD HAVE TO BE A REALLY BIG IF, I'd definitely have to let my favorite friend, Bev from enchantted, give this gal a partial repaint.  She definitely needs a new look~

Here's some of the dolls, WI is currently selling.  These are all the new dolls!  Keep it coming!!

Check on Me, $149

up close

Positively Negative, $155
This doll is gorgeous!!  I could see me buying this gal!  Her outfit is so totally different and looks stunning on her!! (I love casual outfits on these dolls)

up close....sigh.  I love her face paint!!  I'm a stickler for red haired dolls anyway and I'm so loving this gal!!  Guess this means it's time for me to re-dress my current dolls and do another photo shoot!!  Especially since I just received about nine more outfits from my FAVORITE dolly fashionista MAGGIE & KATE!!

Time for me to get some sleep, it's 5:14 am here in the boogie down Bronx!!


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