Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who's Diane Evans?

Me:  Who's Diane Evans?  Well, she's Friday Foster's half sister.  I was just perusing ebay as I usually do and came across her ~ the rest as they say is history!!  Here's her photo....

Diane Evans from the Ann Harper collection, by Robert Tonner
From what I understand, she has the Friday Foster sculpt, hence she is Friday's half sister. Here's another photo of her, a close-up

She does resemble Friday, just a little bit.  This doll runs for $135 but I've seen her for $20 less.  I have to send a message to the seller and ask him to hold her for me.  She will make a nice edition to my already collection of gals.  I already love her!!  So, you know who's getting a photo shoot when they get here!  LOL!

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