Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Newest Evangeline

Yep, I was looking at a new doll.  sigh....does it never end....the endless looking, sighing and hoping one can purchase a new doll....  Oh well, I think I want this doll!  She's made of vinyl and hard plastic and is more poseable than the Evangeline gal I already own.  So, without further's Now and Forever Evangeline Ghastly.....

and she's only $145.00!!

so poseable; and look at her face, that's a newer sculpt.
Her face looks so much fuller and so ALIVE!

and she's a wigged doll as well! woo hoo!
Besides turquoise is my FAVORITE color!!

Well, I'm thinking of all the possibilities of getting this doll.  Just have to wait and see....


Monday, July 16, 2012

Liz and Savannah's Photo shoot

OK, so here's the rest of the pictures that I took.  I was having so much fun taking their pictures especially after the sun came out.


 The sun was kinda bright!

close-up...I love these sunglasses on her!

 Savannah's turn!

 These braided hairstyles always come out so different, but are lovely on my ladies!

 Purple is definitely her color!

and that wraps it up!  Until the next time!! :D

Angel's photo shoot

Here's the rest of the pictures I took of Angel.  I decided that I should just post all her pictures on this page.

Here we go.......

I so love how versatile this gal is!  As you can see, I'm loving this blonde wig she's wearing..compliments of Delilah Noir.

And I promise, this time I'm taking these ladies to the park and showing them off!!!

Hanging out in Virginia!

Liz:  Hi everybody!  Mom took me, Angel and Savannah with her to Williamsburgh, VA.  Unfortunately we only got to stay in the hotel - we didn't go anywhere!!

Angel:  Well, she did take alot of pictures of us.

Liz:  You mean, she took alot of pictures of YOU!!  That's so not fair!!  I thought we were in this together!!

Angel:  Hmmm, well, you did have your own photo shoot when you came to live with Mom, didn't you?  Well, it was my turn.  Savannah didn't seem to have a problem with that.

Savannah:  I'm staying out of this argument.  Besides, Mom took pictures of all of us.

Me:  Here's the pictures.......

This was a new feature from a camera that I added on my iPod Touch.  I love how this came out!

The following pictures are a little blurry as I didn't have enough light to photograph these ladies well.

Liz, Savannah, Angel

Jus' a lil bit of sun.......


Savannah and Angel


Angel's showin off her new specs!


Hmm, maybe this should be Angel's photo shoot.  A good idea....lata!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Today is Independence Day!!  Woo hoo!  A holiday in the middle of the week, yippee!!  sigh...unfortunately I left the girls at work - so you know they're upset with me.  I will definitely bring them home tomorrow as the weather has changed and I need to change their outfits.  In the meantime, here's some pics of some new Ello's WI came out with....

These are the Basic Amber's with three different hair colors - for all three dolls it's $252.00
For one doll, she's $99.00

Basic Ellowyne, all three dolls for $278.00
For one El, she's $109.00
(funny, she costs $10 more than Amber, go figure!)

This is the Convention Lizette wearing an outfit called
Florid & Fussy, $125.00

Close up
***Note**** - I did not know this doll came with painted eyes!  I saw her with glass eyes!! Ooooh, I'll bet my girl Bev re-did her eyes!!....

IMO I think she looks better with painted eyes.  See my earlier pics of this gal.

Check out these new shoes!!  Woo hoo!! for Liz!!  Love these!!

This outfit is called Off the Grid, $84.00

close-up, this is Pretty Little Liz

Well, just perusing and seeing what's going on with this gal.  Fortunately, for my pockets I didn't see a doll I wanted to buy!  LOL!  Keeping my eight Ello's and my two Liz!! 
(I know they're overjoyed to hear that!)
Have a safe and cool day!!