Monday, July 16, 2012

Hanging out in Virginia!

Liz:  Hi everybody!  Mom took me, Angel and Savannah with her to Williamsburgh, VA.  Unfortunately we only got to stay in the hotel - we didn't go anywhere!!

Angel:  Well, she did take alot of pictures of us.

Liz:  You mean, she took alot of pictures of YOU!!  That's so not fair!!  I thought we were in this together!!

Angel:  Hmmm, well, you did have your own photo shoot when you came to live with Mom, didn't you?  Well, it was my turn.  Savannah didn't seem to have a problem with that.

Savannah:  I'm staying out of this argument.  Besides, Mom took pictures of all of us.

Me:  Here's the pictures.......

This was a new feature from a camera that I added on my iPod Touch.  I love how this came out!

The following pictures are a little blurry as I didn't have enough light to photograph these ladies well.

Liz, Savannah, Angel

Jus' a lil bit of sun.......


Savannah and Angel


Angel's showin off her new specs!


Hmm, maybe this should be Angel's photo shoot.  A good idea....lata!

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  1. Great pics of the ladies. Nice to see you posting again :O)