Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Ginger!

Wow, I never realized how many outfits I had purchased for Eva.  I tried on every outfit on Ginger and most fit and others did not.  The dresses that were made by the person in Canada, the fit is only for Eva.  I miss my Eva, sigh.... I'm still looking for her hand so that I can send it to my friend to attach back to Eva.   

Anyway, I was supposed to post only a certain amount of I'll try to do that today.  Without further ado, here's Ginger!

All of these outfits were made by Windy City Shop on ebay!

...well except for this outfit.  This was made by Rita from my EE group!

I can't remember who made this outfit, but she also sells on Ebay.

made by the same seller or Jade Penni from ebay

      I love all the different looks on this doll!  I am so glad that God helped me purchase this doll!    
     She brings so much enjoyment!  Thank you Jesus!

I had almost forgotten the wigs I have for her!

So many different looks!
Well this is all for now.  More to come - but I'll try to post on a daily basis.  Until then, hope everyone has a Blessed Day!

Friday, August 16, 2013

New outfits and new look

This post is going to be real fast - gotta go to bed.  So, here's more pics of Ginger +

Outfit by Windy City Shop on ebay

Ginger and Tine'a

    From the left:  Amber, Ginger, Tine'a and Savannah
This is definitely her color! :D

I love how easy she is to pose!

This is one hot mama!

I think she knows too!  LOL!

I think she's keeping this wig.  It really looks good on her!
Here's some pics of my other gals....
She's very versatile in what she can wear too!

Lizette loves her outfit!  Especially her hat!

Angelique aka Angel looks great in this outfit too

Monique and Angel

Amber.....she wasn't happy that I put this outfit on her
Okay, this is all for now.  Good night and until the next episode....Amber in some very casual outfits - whether she likes it or not!! tee hee hee

Friday, August 9, 2013

Another new doll and more pics of Ginger

Today I received so many packages!!  Excitement!  Woo hoo! LOL!  So far, I've received two pairs of gold wedges for my Ello girls, three doll stands, and Prudence Moody, Band Together!!  Yay!
Here's her picture.....

I was very lucky to get her complete with outfit!
She's rockin this outfit!

Here's Ginger !!
Another outfit from WindyCity Shop on ebay.  I'm glad Robert created this particular doll, she is really stunning!
....she looks so ethereal in this wig
Here she is with Pru!
This is all for now!  Nighty night!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Doll of the Month: Ginger!

I love posing this doll!  And she looks fantastic in whatever I put on her!  Check her out!
She's wearing Angelique's wig

Was she afraid her hair was going to come off? tee hee hee

Patiently waiting

Hellooo, here I am!

Please don't let me fall off this chair!

You're sure this wig won't fall off?

Hanging out with Mom at work

Looking so serious

close up
I'm going to have to buy more red outfits for her.  This is definitely her color!  I can't wait til her new outfits get here.  I have big plans for her!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Gone but not forgotten

sob....sniff..... sigh....

Well, here's some pictures of dolls gone but not forgotten.  I'll miss them, but they'll be happier in another's home.  sob..... sniff.....  I'll be okay......  ....... ....... Be right back......
........ ............ ............ ............ ........

Alright I'm back.  Just looking at all the pictures of my children that have gone to new homes, brought back some memories.  I'll be okay.  sigh....

Delilah Noir

Feeling Drained - sold on ebay

Alone on Sunday - given to a new owner
At Wit's End - sold to a new owner

Baroque n Dreams - given away to a new owner

Feeling Drained - sold on Ebay
I feel drained myself looking at all these pictures!

Delilah (blonde), Lily (brunette)
I hate to see them go - but......wah!!!!

Essential Ellowyne Three, Wigged Out
Such a pretty face.  Sold on Ebay.

Wit's End and Essential Prudence Three, Wigged Out
Wah, oh my Wilhemina - what a gorgeous doll you are!!!!!
Prudence and I did not bond, so I'm not sad that she's leaving.  I wish her well at her new home.  She was sold on ebay.
 This is when I first got started into Ellowyne Wilde.  From the left:  Brittany (Baroque n Dreams), Alina (Alone on Sunday) Wilhemina (At Wit's End), Indirah (Invisible Ink), Eva (EG - my 1st!), Eleanor (Essential Ellowyne Three), Fatima (Feeling Drained), Lily (Delilah Noir), Patience (?), Delilah Noir and Savannah (Save Me).  The dolls that are in bold print are the ones who are gone.

 These are my other Tonner ladies....Some of them are gone too!  From the left:  Diane Evans, Esme', RayChelle (Esme'), Antoinette, Jacqueline (Jac), Friday Foster, Alex (Madame Alexander).  Most of them didn't stay long.  As I stated above, the ones in Bold are no longer here anymore.

This was my very first Ellowyne.  She's Essential Ellowyne Too Redhead  - um, she was the first to go too!!  :(

She's very photogenic!

Brittany loves to pose!

Eleanor (loved her in this outfit)

Fatima and Eleanor (at least they're going to a new owner together)

Wilhemina (I missed this outfit!)

Feeling Drained with a reddish colored wig

Patience (before I put all that hair up)!

Brittany's rockin this outfit!

(she was the 2nd to go)

Brittany and Patience (they look like twins, don't they?!)

Eleanor and Fatima


 Eleanor and Wilhemina with Nadirah looking on!

Delilah and her doggy

I liked this doll too!  sigh....but she has to go as well.

 sigh....just posting some of my favorite shots!  They all went to new homes where their new mommy's will treat them better.   I will still love them and miss them too!  sob!  :P