Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Ginger!

Wow, I never realized how many outfits I had purchased for Eva.  I tried on every outfit on Ginger and most fit and others did not.  The dresses that were made by the person in Canada, the fit is only for Eva.  I miss my Eva, sigh.... I'm still looking for her hand so that I can send it to my friend to attach back to Eva.   

Anyway, I was supposed to post only a certain amount of I'll try to do that today.  Without further ado, here's Ginger!

All of these outfits were made by Windy City Shop on ebay!

...well except for this outfit.  This was made by Rita from my EE group!

I can't remember who made this outfit, but she also sells on Ebay.

made by the same seller or Jade Penni from ebay

      I love all the different looks on this doll!  I am so glad that God helped me purchase this doll!    
     She brings so much enjoyment!  Thank you Jesus!

I had almost forgotten the wigs I have for her!

So many different looks!
Well this is all for now.  More to come - but I'll try to post on a daily basis.  Until then, hope everyone has a Blessed Day!

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