Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Just wanted to sign in and say "Happy Thanksgiving Day" to all my dolly friends!  And btw, I've finally decided NOT to get Evangeline Ghastly - I can't get past her big hands!!  She's such a slender doll with extremely large hands.  Oh well.  As long as I have money for Lizzette Dionne - she's who I'm focusing on right now.  

Hope everyone has a great turkey day!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Haven't been playing with my dolls lately

Lately, I have not made any time to playing with my dolls.  Of course, I have been spending alot of time on the computer looking and drooling over Evangeline Ghastly.  I guess you can say I'm fixated on her at the moment - or it could be because I've been looking at everyone else's doll.  Hmm, that could be it.  That's actually how I ended up getting so many dolls in the first place!  Well I finally bought some clothing for me!!  It was so nice to try on new outfits and see how I look in them.  So, now when I go out me and my dolls will look nice!!

Lilly:  Where's my sister?

Delilah:   Hmphf?

Lilly:  Delilah!  Where are you?

Diane:  She says she's over here - on the door in this bag.  Hmpfh!  We're kind of suffocating in this little bag that YOUR MOTHER put us in.  I keep breathing in Delilah's hair!  Ugh!

Lilly:  Oops, sorry.  Mom and Dad were trying to pick up the carpet in the living room and they needed space so you guys got squashed in the bag.  At least you didn't get put in the closet like the other dolls.

Paris:  Hmphf and @#$&!!!

Lilly:  I don't think that's a good idea to repeat what you just said Paris.

Brianna:  Well, I'm glad we're still just hangin out here on this dresser otherwise we'd be right in the closet or worse!!

(murmurings are heard from all the Ellowyne's!)

Evangeline Ghastly

sigh...I still want this doll.  I was looking thru ebay and saw quite a few sales for this gal.  Of course, the ones I want are...

2009 * Waiting for Mortimer, 17" Vinyl, $165

I really like this doll.  She is so GORGEOUS!!  I'm really trying to NOT buy any more dolls because you know that I'm holding out for Lizzette Dionne and yep, Evangeline Ghastly.

A Tangled Web, 2010, 17" Vinyl, $175

a close-up
I love her face paint!!  So pretty!

A Dark Night, $220
An Evangeline Event doll

I think that it's probably a good thing that these dolls are so expensive ~ but that never stopped me before!! LOL!  I'll have to give serious consideration into getting one of these dolls.  Well, it's on to ebay for me!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Sneak Preview!

I am really trying to hold out for this new doll.  Her name is Lizzette Dionne and she's the new AA friend of Ellowyne Wilde.  Here's a sneak preview that was released from Wilde Imagination.

So far, she's just GORGEOUS!!  I cannot wait for her to come out!!  I'm having my good friend Bev of enchanted do a partial repaint on her.   She's supposed to come out by the end of this year - so you know I'm saving some $$ for her!!  I love her name ...Lizzette Dionne....sounds so exotic.  Don't u think?