Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long time and new dolls!

It's been sometime, since I've even looked at a doll!  (I'm aghast!!)  Well, I've been taking classes at church, reading or listening to my bible and making jewelry.  Actually, I haven't really thought too much about my dolls - which you know is a darn shame!  :(   I even brought them home from work to change their clothes....they've been sitting in that bag for months!!  Well, since I'm taking a couple (two days) vacation real soon, maybe I could spare them some time.  Excuse me? Ahem, cough, cough ... I think something got stuck in my throat!  LOL!  I just finished perusing my emails and came across some new dolls....(no I'm not planning on buying anymore, but one doll in particular I kinda bonded with on screen) - yikes!  Here she is.....

Essential Prudence Four - Wigged Out

She's only $129.00
I bonded with her just from looking at her on the WI website.  sigh...Isn't she gorgeous?!  I love this wig on her!  She is a darling!  Is anybody out there listening?!!  This doll is going on my Christmas list.
Okay, here's another.....
Ellowyne, Feeling Drained Three

1st wig

2nd Wig, she's $149.00
Ooooh, I love her face paint!  Hmm, but in order to get her I'd have to get rid/sell or give away two dolls.  What did I say?  Oh, no you don't!  This is not allowed!!!  Besides my hubby is not going to stand for that .... unless I can sell a lot of jewelry!  lol!
Ummm, just finished looking at more pictures on the WI site and look what else they had?!!!!!!!
Lethal Lizette, $199.00

This is her Halloween costume.  It's the medusa costume.  She comes with a chestnut wig and she has green inset eyes.

This is Dark Heart Pru! She's also $199
she has non-removable raven hair

full size
and...last but not least....
Zombie Prom Amber, $199.00

They call these eyes hazel - really?  Don't particularly like these eyes on her!  They should've gave her dark brown eyes.  Maybe it's just for this costume.  Oh well, I'm definitely not getting this doll!  LOL!

This one is Metro Girl, $159

I like her earrings!  Her face does nothing for me.  Her outfit looks cheap.
Okay try these on for size....
Behind Blue Eyes, $199
Rooted sandy blonde hair, painted green eyes

kind of reminds me of little red riding hood, maybe should
be called little blue riding hood! Hah! :D

without the jacket

close up
I like the jewelry though!

Mist, Green Tea and Me, $199

She's wearing a "shorn wig" of golden locks and has blue-grey inset eyes
I mean REALLY..shorn wig?!!
Okay, just my opinion.  Truthfully, I'm really feeling Essential Pru 4.  I think she's definitely going to be my Christmas gift or my New Year's gift.  I better go do my homework - I have class this evening!  Plus, I need to make some more bracelets!  Later, my fellow doll lovers! 
Have a wonderful evening and don't forget to vote!

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