Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guess I forgot about these....

Hi everyone!  Hope everyone's been staying cool from this bout of warm weather we've been having.  I was just looking thru my computer and found some more pics of the girls.  Hopefully, they won't be too angry with me!  So, without further ado.....



Angel's close-up

Angel & Liz




Savannah and Tine'a didn't make the trip home so that I could change their outfits ~ now you can see their outfits up close.

Here's one more for the road!

 from the left:  Tine'a, Indirah, Angel and Liz

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Been a long time.....

Well, haven't been going out lately with the young ladies, but they have been hanging out at my job.  So, here's a couple of pics of them sitting on my hard drive....

new outfit for Liz


Took these pics with my iPod Touch......oh, those pics were taken at home.   Here's the ones from work.

Savannah and Liz

Tinea', Angel


from the left: Tinea', Angel, Savannah and Liz

Oops, time to eat!  Gotta go!  More news at a later date!