Thursday, June 21, 2012

Been a long time.....

Well, haven't been going out lately with the young ladies, but they have been hanging out at my job.  So, here's a couple of pics of them sitting on my hard drive....

new outfit for Liz


Took these pics with my iPod Touch......oh, those pics were taken at home.   Here's the ones from work.

Savannah and Liz

Tinea', Angel


from the left: Tinea', Angel, Savannah and Liz

Oops, time to eat!  Gotta go!  More news at a later date!


  1. Love their fashions.

    What do you coworkers think of your dolls? Do they travel back and forth to and from work with you or do they remain behind after your workday has ended?


    1. Hi dbg! They love them!! If I don't bring them, they ask for them! Everybody loves their fashions! Sometimes they travel because I just got a new outfit for them and want them to wear something different. :D Other than that, they stay behind.

  2. You know I love the one in the green,yellow looking dress!

    1. Hi Ebony! Thank you! Angel says "Thanks" as well.

  3. They are oh so pretty. I love the outfits on all of them. The dress better than people I work with. I just love Savannah dress. She looks so cool!

  4. Hi Brini! Thanks for the compliments! I'd like some of their outfits for me!! LOL! My gals get alot of compliments about their clothing from my co-workers! Thank goodness they're heads are already big so that it doesn't get swollen from all the compliments! LOL! Savannah (blushing) says thank you! She can be so shy at times. :D