Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Just a few photos!

Guess what?  I did manage to bring some dolls to work and take their pictures too!  So, here's a couple of pictures of the girls.....

She was so happy!


Of course, they're still waiting to go outside.  Time will tell! 

All for now.  Nighty nite!

It's really been a long time!

Wow!  It's been seven long months since I've posted and even longer since I've played with my dolls.  Well, I know somebodies who are upset and maybe a little bit angry....sigh.  They'll be happy to know that I'm planning on taking two of them out the bag that they've been living in and we're going out.  Yep!  We're going outside into the world!

Shhh, don't want them to overhear because it'll be a war!  LOL!

Will try to get online later on this week if I get a chance.