Sunday, August 13, 2017


First of all, I want to give all my praises to my Lord Almighty.  He makes all things possible.  Without Him in my life I don't know where I'd be.  So, first and foremost - I give Him all the Glory and the Praise!  He guides my life in the direction that is safe and peaceful.  I love Him!  As I sit here re-reading and correcting posts written here about "All My Dollz", I have to Thank God that I was able to get the money to buy all of these dolls, sell them and even give them away to others.

Just by re-reading these posts I feel the joy they have brought to my life.  When I found out more about My GOD, with all the teachings that I have undertaken (sometimes we never truly understand the God we serve) - I realize that HE was directing my steps to the paths I was taking.  It was HE who by giving me this good job that I have, enabled me to buy all these dolls and accessories.  It was/is HIM who gave me this joy that I cannot get from this world!  Our Lord and Savior gives us the ability to do so many wonderful things, that if we don't take time to stop and smell the roses - we are going to miss out on the wonderful gifts that HE has just for us!

As I looked at these posts, I see that I started this blog in 2010!  Wow!  But I've been playing with dolls before then!  Remember, I started with Barbie, Silkstones, Integrity dolls Janay, Fashion Royalty, My Scene, Flava, Moxie's, BJDs!  Then after I saw Lara Croft from Tomb Raider as a doll - I had to get her.  So, I sold all of those dolls and bought the gals/guys I have now.

Lara Croft, Will Turner, Lana aka Lara Croft from the video game, King of Hearts (aka Jeremy), AA Tyler Wentworth dolls - Esme', Friday Foster, Madam Alexander, Ellowyne Wilde, Evangeline Ghastly and company!  I remember playing with Barbie dolls somewhere around 1992.  Wow! That is such a long time ago!!  I don't have any regrets - I just had a great time!  Playing with dolls turned into making jewelry for dolls and now making jewelry for people!!  (Remember the gifts I was talking about?  Making jewelry is one of them.) 

I realize while writing this, that there are many other gifts HE has given me.  I use to be very quiet and shy - especially when meeting people for the first time.  Since I became a follower of CHRIST, HE has opened me up!!  HE made me realize who I am!  HE has given me joy.  That which is hard to obtain and keep.  Well, if we keep the world out of our minds - we'd have a lot of joy.  Anyway, I just felt the need to share my thoughts - in case anyone decides to read my blogger.


Friday, July 14, 2017

New pictures

Okay, I finally took some pictures of my new dollies!  (giggling) Then I changed their clothes and took some more.  So, here's what I've taken so far.

Here's Parnilla
In the storms eye

With Angelique
on my desk at work

Wearing a Mary & Kate original


Thursday, July 13, 2017

They're here!

I almost forgot....almost...that they were coming!!  I went outside to get something to snack on and when I came back into the building, one of the guys at the front desk said that there was a box for me.  When I turned and saw it - a big smile popped up on my face.


Angelique de la Nuit is GORGEOUS and STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL.  sigh....

PARNILLA GHASTLY she's got to be a cousin, right?  She is GORGEOUS as well.  I forgot to add the pictures to the computer so I can show you the proof.  But that's okay.  And they can wear the clothes that I have for Ello and the girls.  Some of the pants will be like capri for the 19" dolls. lol!  But I'll be getting more casual clothes and shoes for them as well.

All for now...Nighty night  and GOD BLESS!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dolly Talk 1

Olivia:  Two new girls that are BFFs are coming home, soon.

Angel:  Yeah, that's what I heard.  I can't say I remember Mom looking so excited.

Olivia:  Really?  Why?

Angel:  Well, you know the story Indirah mentioned it the other day.  Mom had put us away for a long time.  She hadn't played with us or taken us out in a year.  Ginger, Phoebe, Lizette and....

Amber:  Hello?  Don't forget about me.  I went out too!

Angel:  (Excuse me...!)  Well, Mz. Amber if you would've let me finish.  (Shh)  and Amber went out last year.  I heard they had a ball.  Anyway, I'm still waiting.

Olivia:  You have a very short memory.  You did get to go out - you went out with me.  We went to Mom's job, remember?  Actually, we went out twice and even in the same week!  Can it get more exciting than that?

Angel:  Oh, yeah.  You're right. (blushing)

Indirah:  Allrighty then, at least you went out.  I would love to go out with my sister, Tine'a.  We haven't been out in almost three years if that much.

Olivia:  Eep!  I'm so sorry to hear that.  Does it really get that bad?  We'd better start praying that we get to go out much sooner than that.  Mom's looking a bit tired.  Well, good night all!  Be blessed!

My girls are almost here!

My girls In The Storms Eye Parnilla Ghastly and Windy Evenings Angelique de la Nuit should be arriving in NYC by tomorrow.  Now, that's what I call a pre-birthday gift!

So just to reiterate, here's their pictures once again.....

close up

Fully dressed

I love this sculpt on her
It makes her look normal.
And you know she and Angelique
are BFFs.  Yeah, they are BFFs.

I'll have to get her an outfit to wear
because she's coming NAKED!  ARGH!!
Lol!  Sometimes I laugh at my own funnies.


Just when I thought I'd seen everything...

OMGosh!  After I finally paid off my birthday girls - Windy Evenings Angelique and In the Storms Eye  Parnilla, this is what I saw......(smh, "I still can't believe this.")

This is Lizette Dionne
Saturday Runaround

That's why you should wait.....
This Lizette doll is perfect! (okay she's not perfect but she's close)
I love this outfit on her and her hair...sigh
Kind makes me wish I should've kept the 1st Lizette,
  I could've done her hair something like this.
I mean don't get me wrong I love Overhead Lights Lizette, but
if I had to make a choice - I probably would've gotten this doll
instead.  Hmmm, unless.......
 This is Top Tier Ello
Isn't she adorable?  Her outfit makes me
want to eat cake!  LOL!
This is Possibly Clairvoyant Ello
She sort of looks like the Prudence
face sculpt
I'm not saying where I've seen these dolls,
but ever since Robert Tonner has decided to
stop production of these dolls, it makes you
want to hurry up and buy these dolls.
Hmmm, maybe, just maybe I can squeeze in one
more doll.  Sort of my birthday present.  Instead of
buying two, I can get three instead.
Until I saw this one...
 Sultry & Serene Lizette with the lighter skin tone
Here's she's being sold nude
Of course I would rather get her with the outfit,
I mean wouldn't you?
This could be her Xmas finery, that's all I'm saying.....
I would just buy her nude and see if I can
get the outfit later.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

I almost forgot.....

These are the other pictures of "Dolls long gone..."  Sometimes I wonder why I do that when I look at them again.  sigh   Oh well.

We went to FAO Schwarz and the dolls posed with their Original gals.

 Just a few others I may have wanted at one time or the other.

Indirah posing
 The first two ladies are no longer here.  The doll on the right is a "Cami" doll.  Her name is Jonquil.
 I'm still trying to find these dolly sunglasses.
All of these gals are gone too!

 Jon is still with me.

 They're comforting each other because they know their time is at an end.
 This is one of the many dolly gatherings!
All dolls are invited!

 My newest Lizzette doll,
before I took her out the box.

 Here she is - (drumroll please) aka Olivia!

 She says she going to eat all these M&M's!
 Angel & Olivia after redressing

 close up - hanging out with me at work!