Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Wow, I just finished talking to my ladies and they were really upset.  I'm just glad they had their own spoke person who let them know what was happening with them.

I AM THE REAL ANGELIQUE!  I guess I just wanted a doll with that name.  She was and is a gorgeous gal, but there's only two of us with that name in my house!  I call her Angel.  She is my Angel too.  I digress.

Anyway, I was just sitting here one day, daydreaming of giving these young ladies a new home as I wasn't doing them right.  Some of them did get out, last year and they had a blast.  It was a great day for them and for me as well.  I might not be able to spend as much time with them as I use to due to more responsibilities at home, but I CAN make time with them.  Especially since some of them are going out next week.

I really didn't want my new girls to suffer, they deserved to be in a home where they'll be appreciated and played with.  I think that's that was the longest I've gone without them.  Hmm, I just thought of something else too...I didn't want to start collecting the same doll over and over again.  I was wont to do that in the past when I was collecting the Integrity girls.  Right now, as it stands I have twins:  Indirah and Tine'a, Eva and Ginger, Pru and Phoebe oh and Lara and Lana Croft.  That's okay.  Just didn't want to start having more than two of the same gals.  But Angel is my twin doll (even though we don't look alike - lol!) we're twins in name.

I can't wait to take them out!  I was looking at some new boots for them on ebay!  But that will just have to wait, especially since I can't remember my password.  Ha Ha Ha. That really speaks volumes!  Oh well, I better start getting their clothes together, because next week they're going out!!  Peace out my sisters!  Have a blessed day! 

Grace and peace!


Oh my! Why have they gone?

Angel:  Oh boy.

Tine'a:  What's happened?

Angel:   Mom, (sniff, sniff) sent my cousins to another owner's home.  Wah!

Indirah:  Whoa!  Aww, man!  Whyyyyyyeeeeeee?????!!!

Angel:  I overheard Mom on the phone with her friend.  She said we were all mad at her because she doesn't play with us like she use to.  She said there were too many of us and we had to go.

Tine'a:  But we're not mad at her.  I thought she loved us!!!!!! Wah!!!!!!!

Ms. Amber:  Humph, she kept me.  I don't know what that says about the rest of you.  I know, I know, I'm the star.  You don't have to tell me.  Sigh.

Pru:  (rolling her eyes)  Oh brother. 

Savannah:  I think what happened was, Mom hasn't really been going out like she use to and we've just been hanging around.  When was the last time anybody went out?  Oh, I forgot.  Ms. Amber, Lizette, Phoebe and Ginger went out last year.  Mom's got a different job that keeps her real busy.  It just seems like she's forgotten us.  Believe me, she's thinking of us right now.

Angel:  How do you know that?

Savannah:  I've been around a lot longer than you guys and I've seen a lot of changes.  When Mom first got interested in us, she was only planning on having ten.  And then you guys came on the scene and she got four more.  Then Ginger came and after her Angelique.  That's six new girls!  We are a handful and we are very heavy when there's more of us to carry around!

Indirah:  Sniffing....oh, wow!  I wonder who's she's bringing on the next outing.  I would really love to go out.  Its been so long!

Angel:  I saw Mom looking at the pictures of us.  She was smiling.

Tine'a: guess that means MOM DOES CARE!!!

Pru:  You don't have to shout.  Gosh!  Yes Mom does care.  Sheesh! :D

Savannah:  Mom's been thinking of us a lot lately.  And she does miss us.

Me:  Yep, you're right Savannah.  I do miss you guys err gals.  You know what I mean.  Lol!  I've been going through so much lately...going to church, taking classes, getting to know other people.  Then the new position at work, argh!  It just took its toll on me until I didn't have room.  So, I figured some of you had to go.  I really shouldn't have bought Angelique - Angel, you are my Angelique.  I think she's really happy now but she's going to have ALOT of competition.  My friend has ALOT of dolls!  If she had another room, that's where they'd be.  (Smile) But, I know she will have fun with those girls and we'll see them on the next dolly outing.  I just needed to have time to not WANT everything I see online for you girls.  But my God took that desire from me.  He says its okay to have a hobby, just not to put it before HIM.  I get that. :D  It doesn't mean that I don't care about you, I just didn't have time for you. 

Angel, Tine'a, Indirah:  ohhhhh!

Indirah:  So, can I ask who's coming?

Me:  You, Tine'a, Savannah and Angelique.  You're all I can carry without getting winded! :)

(There's so much noise in the background with all their happy screams!) :D

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Time out for the girls!

Lizette:  All dressed up with no where to go. 

My hair's all tied up so it doesn't get messed with!
My scarf removed!  How do you like me now?
...the other side

front view

close up

I'm happy! :D
Phoebe loves purple! pretty

Mz Amber



ANGELIQUE's thoughts

Angelique:  Hmph!  Sigh.... Oh well.  I did want to come out of the box just didn't know the kind life I was going to be living.  I thank (the man upstairs) for my friends and that they hadn't given up on me.  Sigh...It is very relaxing living here.  I heard that my mother was buying some outfits just for me!  It's nice to have clothing that only you can wear, tee hee hee.  Though there are some gowns that do fit because they're very open in the waist area and they come with matching coats or jackets. I can't wait til I get to try some of these other outfits.  Mother says that they'll look nicer on me cause of my coloring - whatever that means.  Here's some shots Mother took of me.

I love how I look in this outfit!  And my stockings match with another pair of gold shoes!
Evangeline and Angelique
friends 4 life
Russell and I
(I need a guy with a head like mine, hint, hint!)
Was he trying to show me something?  Huh?
I definitely need a big headed guy! LOL!
I heard he's a player, but he don't want to mess with me!!
All for now!


Angelique:  sigh....She finally brought me home.  Not what I'm use to but I guess it'll do.  I think I like this outfit she put on's not bad...but again, not what I'm use to.

Me:   Oh come on, really?  Don't you have friends here?  (She is so ungrateful!)  What do these dolls think?  The newest doll always gets a change of clothes and then a photo shoot.  Sometimes they even get to hang out with dolls that are already here.  At least she's not the only one "like her".  (if you know what I mean!)

Angelique:  Oh, right.  I did meet Evangeline and Evangeline 2.

Me:  Excuse me?  Evangeline 2...her name is Ginger!!  And I thought Antoinette gave me a hard time - sheeesh!  These dolls with their big heads - what do they think?  She may be my namesake but I'm going to have to take her down a peg or two.  Now listen here ANGELIQUE DE LA NUIT, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY DOLL HERE!!  THERE ARE OTHERS, TWO ARE LIKE YOU.  (Under my breath:  I think I'll wait before trying to get her a man - I have to straighten her out first.)

Evangeline:  Ahem.  Excuse me mum, let me talk to her first. 

Me:  Okay Evangeline, you give it a shot.

Evangeline:  Angelique?

Angelique:  .... .... .....

Evangeline:  Okay I understand you're upset

Angelique: ..... You don't know the half of it!!  What is this place?  I thought it was going to be ALL ABOUT ME!!!  And who's Antoinette?  And what do you mean, I'm not the only doll here?  There are more besides the Evangelines'?  (Rolls her eyes!)

Evangeline:  sigh, blows out a breath.  Look Angelique, there are quite a lot of us here.  There's the Ellowyne's, Antoinette, Jonquil, Friday Foster, Lara and Lana Croft and their boyfriends, there's Russell Williams, myself and Ginger.  All in all I believe we total thirty-five dolls.  You are here because 1. you have the same name as our mother; 2. You are a pretty doll; 3.  You look different and last but not least You will be loved. Our "mother" loves all of us.  She may not play with us, but when she does you'll know right away.  Don't be the doll you were made to be...join us....get to know us and before you know it - you'll be just like us.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Oh boy! Somebody is a little upset!

Sigh...I guess I'd be a little upset if I was left in a box and have been in that box in just about two weeks.  I'll just have to make it up to her next week when I return back to work.  I do have some outfits and boots that will fit her, so I can redress her and hook her up a bit.  I wanted to wait until I had all my other gals fixed so I can bring them all out.  Evangeline is missing her hand and Ginger needs to be reseated.  (She's a little loose! {not that kind!})!  Ha ha ha

She's here!!

Angelique de la Nuit - now if that isn't a French sounding name then I don't know what is.  She's here!  She arrived in New York a lot sooner than I expected.  She is gorgeous!  And she has my first name, sigh...  You know I just had to get this particular gal - I got her at a great price and with her original outfit no less!  Unfortunately for me, she's stuck at work.  I'm home bound due to surgery and she's stuck at my job.

Angelique:  What?  Where am I?  What is this I am in?  Helloooo?  Where is my owner?  She was so happy to get me and then just left me here!!  How dare she?  Hmph!  I cannot get out of this box!!  Can anybody hear me?  Hellooo?  Ooooh, just wait til I see this owner - I don't want to belong to someone who wouldn't even take me home.  Sigh....  Should've just let someone else buy me.  Maybe someone will mail me back to my old owner.   #*&@!!