Friday, September 30, 2011

Another doll has caught my eyes!

I almost forgot ~ another doll has caught my eyes!!  OK, she's been out for a while and she's created by Robert Tonner.  Can you guess who?  She's Evangeline Ghastly!! (I tell you, it takes me so long to get interested in a new doll, but when I do look out!!  LOL!)  So, here's some pictures of the gals on my wish list!

A Cautionary Tale (Resin doll) $425 
 I love this gal's reddish, burguny rich color.  I am so tempted!!  She's also 19" tall - sigh....I'd like to say that it would be hard to redress this doll, NOT - I already saw some handmade outfits on ebay earlier!  What do you think?

I love her face paint!  She is so gorgeous!  SIGH....Her hair, her eyes, her style......

Imaginary Life (Vinyl) 17"  $175

I know that before this year is over, I'm going to have one of these dolls or both ~ well, maybe not both, but one of them!!  Mustn't let the hubby know or else!! LOL!
Here's the rest of them!!!!!

Dark Desire (Vinyl) 17"  $175

close up

Dandy of Death 17" Vinyl $190

 17" Vinyl  $190

Beautiful Nightmare

17" Vinyl doll  $175

If I have to choose between these dolls - I'd have to get Beautiful Nightmare and Imaginery Life.  And of course I'd have to get Mortimer 'cause she's gotta have her man!!


Just Looking around II!

Yep, just looking at more dolls!!  (You might as well know, I look at dolls everyday!!  LOL!)  Anyhoo, here's some new pics of the Steampunk OOAK doll created by Caren of Heart and Soul dolls.  This doll is just as gorgeous as the other one and the same price $500.  Maybe if I were to hit the lottery I might buy these dolls!!  I know, Imma crazy doll lady!!  Here goes some pics.....

Ain't she purdy?

Here's a picture of a repainted doll that one of the ladies in my boardhost was selling...Check out this doll!

This doll was repainted by Lisa Gates.  I love her eyes!  She is gorgeous!!  I am so gaga over these dolls that when I get online that's all I do is look at dolls!!   Anyway, I need to get ready and take pics for theme this week - starting tomorrow.  I'll try not to overload each day with too many pictures.  I have a habit of taking a few pictures and ending up with 100-200 shots!!  :D

Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to make this blog more interesting.....

As always, perusing my friend's blogs and thinking about how to make this blogger more interesting.  In my doll boardhost, we have themes for the week.  So I was thinking maybe I could have a new theme every week showcasing certain dolls and their talents!!  Sounds like a how bout this ...every month I'll announce for each week what the themes are and post pics for those themes.  Sounds cool, then I'll send a note to all my friends to check it out and write comments.  So, since this week is basically done I'll start with October.

Week 1 - October 2 thru October 8:     Braided Up do's
Week 2 - October 9 thru October 15:   Redheads
Week 3 - October 16 thru October 22:  Blondes
Week 4 - October 23 thru October 29:  Raven/Brunettes
Okay...I've got my gals all ready for week 1.  Pics for next weeks' theme - Braided up do's!  Yippee!  I just finished doing everybody's hair for theme!  Can't wait to show them all off!  Have a wonderful evening!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Just looking around

I was just perusing my Ellowyne Ennui board group and I was floored by the beautiful raven haired dolls that everyone has!  I saw a repainted basic Ellowyne Essential who was part of a steampunked set - OMG!  She is gorgeous and was sold for $499!!  Now don't get me wrong, I truly love my dollz but I don't know if I could spend that much on a doll.  The most I've spent is about $200 and that was for one doll!!  But seeing how doll playing is much more than a hobby....nah...can't see it!  The only way I would spend that much I would have to get more for the dollar.  She'd have to have the glass eyes, come with three outfits that mix n match, four pairs of shoes and maybe some funiture - like a chair.  Yep, that's about right.  Let me see if I can sneak in a pic of her.... hold on

This doll is a repainted doll by Caren of Heart and Soul Repaints...Caren recreated this doll as a series of Steampunk dolls.  This doll was originally a basic Ellowyne Essential.  I haven't seen the before pics, but the after pics are stunning!

Would you pay $500 for this doll? 

She's worth every penny ~ I'd have to put her on layaway, she'd have to stay in her box for about a month and she ABSOLUTELY cannot be played with!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Almost done? I think!

Good afternoon!   Here's the rest of the pics.  Of course, I'm never done 'cause I have other dolls missing some pic taken action! LOL! 
Savannah sports a fun fashion by Maggie and Kate Create!

She's very athletic! LOL!



Brianna shows off her style!  Thanks Maggie and Kate!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More pics

I have been having a wonderful time taking pics of my ladies.  Err, I actually took over 165 shots of these gals! :D  I'll try not to post them all at one time but will spread them out for the next couple of days.  Enjoy!

Moxie Teenz BiJou


This outfit is so flattering on this gal!



wearing another creation by jade penni

Well, this is all for now.  Until tomorrow!  Toodles!