Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to make this blog more interesting.....

As always, perusing my friend's blogs and thinking about how to make this blogger more interesting.  In my doll boardhost, we have themes for the week.  So I was thinking maybe I could have a new theme every week showcasing certain dolls and their talents!!  Sounds like a how bout this ...every month I'll announce for each week what the themes are and post pics for those themes.  Sounds cool, then I'll send a note to all my friends to check it out and write comments.  So, since this week is basically done I'll start with October.

Week 1 - October 2 thru October 8:     Braided Up do's
Week 2 - October 9 thru October 15:   Redheads
Week 3 - October 16 thru October 22:  Blondes
Week 4 - October 23 thru October 29:  Raven/Brunettes
Okay...I've got my gals all ready for week 1.  Pics for next weeks' theme - Braided up do's!  Yippee!  I just finished doing everybody's hair for theme!  Can't wait to show them all off!  Have a wonderful evening!


  1. This is a great idea! If I get chance I will join in and add pics to my blog too! :)

  2. Thanks PMB - that is a great idea. I would welcome any pics that you'd like to add - it will definitely perk up everyone!