Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long time and new dolls!

It's been sometime, since I've even looked at a doll!  (I'm aghast!!)  Well, I've been taking classes at church, reading or listening to my bible and making jewelry.  Actually, I haven't really thought too much about my dolls - which you know is a darn shame!  :(   I even brought them home from work to change their clothes....they've been sitting in that bag for months!!  Well, since I'm taking a couple (two days) vacation real soon, maybe I could spare them some time.  Excuse me? Ahem, cough, cough ... I think something got stuck in my throat!  LOL!  I just finished perusing my emails and came across some new dolls....(no I'm not planning on buying anymore, but one doll in particular I kinda bonded with on screen) - yikes!  Here she is.....

Essential Prudence Four - Wigged Out

She's only $129.00
I bonded with her just from looking at her on the WI website.  sigh...Isn't she gorgeous?!  I love this wig on her!  She is a darling!  Is anybody out there listening?!!  This doll is going on my Christmas list.
Okay, here's another.....
Ellowyne, Feeling Drained Three

1st wig

2nd Wig, she's $149.00
Ooooh, I love her face paint!  Hmm, but in order to get her I'd have to get rid/sell or give away two dolls.  What did I say?  Oh, no you don't!  This is not allowed!!!  Besides my hubby is not going to stand for that .... unless I can sell a lot of jewelry!  lol!
Ummm, just finished looking at more pictures on the WI site and look what else they had?!!!!!!!
Lethal Lizette, $199.00

This is her Halloween costume.  It's the medusa costume.  She comes with a chestnut wig and she has green inset eyes.

This is Dark Heart Pru! She's also $199
she has non-removable raven hair

full size
and...last but not least....
Zombie Prom Amber, $199.00

They call these eyes hazel - really?  Don't particularly like these eyes on her!  They should've gave her dark brown eyes.  Maybe it's just for this costume.  Oh well, I'm definitely not getting this doll!  LOL!

This one is Metro Girl, $159

I like her earrings!  Her face does nothing for me.  Her outfit looks cheap.
Okay try these on for size....
Behind Blue Eyes, $199
Rooted sandy blonde hair, painted green eyes

kind of reminds me of little red riding hood, maybe should
be called little blue riding hood! Hah! :D

without the jacket

close up
I like the jewelry though!

Mist, Green Tea and Me, $199

She's wearing a "shorn wig" of golden locks and has blue-grey inset eyes
I mean REALLY..shorn wig?!!
Okay, just my opinion.  Truthfully, I'm really feeling Essential Pru 4.  I think she's definitely going to be my Christmas gift or my New Year's gift.  I better go do my homework - I have class this evening!  Plus, I need to make some more bracelets!  Later, my fellow doll lovers! 
Have a wonderful evening and don't forget to vote!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's been a while since my last post

Forgot to check the date the last time I posted  - ah well.  Guess what?  Got another new doll!  Yep, got me another Prudence!  I didn't really take too many pictures of her - she is so upset with me!!  Woo hoo!  She's been hanging out in a not so really nice place...take a look!

Guess where she's been spending most of her days and nights?  In my drawer at work!!
Those are diamond forks by the way! LOL!
I've been so busy at work, that I haven't had the time to take proper pictures of her.  But I did take time to rename her, formerly Prudence, Miss Match now named Piper!
Here's her original pictures from WI
Yep, she's definitely mismatched with this outfit! LOL!

She is quite a lovely doll!  I love that pink/fuchsia strip in her hair.  It gives her character!

Here's one that I was able to take after bringing them home.
I had to change their outfits as it was getting chilly at work!
Pru and Piper
don't those names sound familiar?  If you've watched Charmed.....yep, that's where I got Piper's name.  sigh...I do miss that show sometimes, but I saw all the episodes  - every last one of them!  I cried at every episode too!
This is all for now - gotta get ready for bed.  Still thinking about going to work tomorrow - eh, we'll see.  Wait a minute - I have to go check my mail, Ms. Eva is due to arrive any day this week.  She needs a new outfit and I have to find the shoes I bought for her.  She's had some work done on her body, alas I couldn't find her left hand and ball joint!  sniff, sniff.... 
I do miss her though.  She's been gone since the summer.  More pictures, hopefully later this week. 
Goodnight!  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

More Ginger!

Wow, I never realized how many outfits I had purchased for Eva.  I tried on every outfit on Ginger and most fit and others did not.  The dresses that were made by the person in Canada, the fit is only for Eva.  I miss my Eva, sigh.... I'm still looking for her hand so that I can send it to my friend to attach back to Eva.   

Anyway, I was supposed to post only a certain amount of pictures....so I'll try to do that today.  Without further ado, here's Ginger!

All of these outfits were made by Windy City Shop on ebay!

...well except for this outfit.  This was made by Rita from my EE group!

I can't remember who made this outfit, but she also sells on Ebay.

made by the same seller or Jade Penni from ebay

      I love all the different looks on this doll!  I am so glad that God helped me purchase this doll!    
     She brings so much enjoyment!  Thank you Jesus!

I had almost forgotten the wigs I have for her!

So many different looks!
Well this is all for now.  More to come - but I'll try to post on a daily basis.  Until then, hope everyone has a Blessed Day!

Friday, August 16, 2013

New outfits and new look

This post is going to be real fast - gotta go to bed.  So, here's more pics of Ginger +

Outfit by Windy City Shop on ebay

Ginger and Tine'a

    From the left:  Amber, Ginger, Tine'a and Savannah
This is definitely her color! :D

I love how easy she is to pose!

This is one hot mama!

I think she knows too!  LOL!

I think she's keeping this wig.  It really looks good on her!
Here's some pics of my other gals....
She's very versatile in what she can wear too!

Lizette loves her outfit!  Especially her hat!

Angelique aka Angel looks great in this outfit too

Monique and Angel

Amber.....she wasn't happy that I put this outfit on her
Okay, this is all for now.  Good night and until the next episode....Amber in some very casual outfits - whether she likes it or not!! tee hee hee

Friday, August 9, 2013

Another new doll and more pics of Ginger

Today I received so many packages!!  Excitement!  Woo hoo! LOL!  So far, I've received two pairs of gold wedges for my Ello girls, three doll stands, and Prudence Moody, Band Together!!  Yay!
Here's her picture.....

I was very lucky to get her complete with outfit!
She's rockin this outfit!

Here's Ginger !!
Another outfit from WindyCity Shop on ebay.  I'm glad Robert created this particular doll, she is really stunning!
....she looks so ethereal in this wig
Here she is with Pru!
This is all for now!  Nighty night!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Doll of the Month: Ginger!

I love posing this doll!  And she looks fantastic in whatever I put on her!  Check her out!
She's wearing Angelique's wig

Was she afraid her hair was going to come off? tee hee hee

Patiently waiting

Hellooo, here I am!

Please don't let me fall off this chair!

You're sure this wig won't fall off?

Hanging out with Mom at work

Looking so serious

close up
I'm going to have to buy more red outfits for her.  This is definitely her color!  I can't wait til her new outfits get here.  I have big plans for her!