Friday, August 16, 2013

New outfits and new look

This post is going to be real fast - gotta go to bed.  So, here's more pics of Ginger +

Outfit by Windy City Shop on ebay

Ginger and Tine'a

    From the left:  Amber, Ginger, Tine'a and Savannah
This is definitely her color! :D

I love how easy she is to pose!

This is one hot mama!

I think she knows too!  LOL!

I think she's keeping this wig.  It really looks good on her!
Here's some pics of my other gals....
She's very versatile in what she can wear too!

Lizette loves her outfit!  Especially her hat!

Angelique aka Angel looks great in this outfit too

Monique and Angel

Amber.....she wasn't happy that I put this outfit on her
Okay, this is all for now.  Good night and until the next episode....Amber in some very casual outfits - whether she likes it or not!! tee hee hee

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