Thursday, November 15, 2012

Evangeline Ghastly

Well, I was just looking around at Wilde Imagination and guess what I saw?  Another new Evangeline.  This one is called Midnight Waltz, here's her picture....

Inset blue eyes, raven wig

I can tell the creators love her in this color!

Evening in Ipswich
Inset green eyes, blonde wig


I do love this new look on her!  So, she's the doll to keep and the one above I'll buy as well and switch her with my Ms. Eva!  These dolls have the newer body which is 18.5 tall, vinyl and hard plastic - which makes for a really poseable body!  I can't wait til these gals come!!  Of course, I have to wait until next year.  These gals are my xmas presents!!  Woo hoo!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just because......

In my last post, I started to tell you how many pictures I took.  You ready?  I took 559 pictures of these dolls!!!!! LOL!  I took so many that my arm was catching a cramp from posing them all!  LOL!  I have so much fun changing their clothes and doing their hair.  It's so relaxing and peaceful.  I won't post all the pics here - just a few or more! LOL!






Don't ask me about this hair style! LOL!


I'm just loving this outfit on her!


This gal is a Moxie Teenz doll - she's 15" tall and was
bought as a friend for Ellowyne

Ari aka Arizona

Ari is BiJou's BFF!


She wears these antique gowns to the max!

I just love this gal and can't wait til she gets her new body!
Well, that's all for today folks!  Until the next time - enjoy!

The topic is GREEN!

This week the color is GREEN.  Why?  Well, it works for my board - so why not here too?  LOL!  Besides I took some really beautiful pics on my iPod Touch.  I am so loving this iPod T!  I was a little depressed because I had took some pics on my camera, but my batteries died.  Then I got a little happy because I found some rechargeable ones, I recharged them but they did not work in my camera. :(   Then I realized that it was kind of sunny outside and some of the pics I took on my iPod came out really well.  So......check em out!



Now this is the original Lizette Dionne!  I so love this gal!  I wouldn't change her for another doll.  As you know I could hardly wait til this doll came out.  But I'm very happy with her - she's so photogenic! 


I so love her versatility!



Amber, she's the essential spoiled doll~though she has competition with Antoinette!  That's a battle and a half! LOL!

More photos to come!  I took.....I'll tell you that in the next post!