Monday, November 12, 2012

The topic is GREEN!

This week the color is GREEN.  Why?  Well, it works for my board - so why not here too?  LOL!  Besides I took some really beautiful pics on my iPod Touch.  I am so loving this iPod T!  I was a little depressed because I had took some pics on my camera, but my batteries died.  Then I got a little happy because I found some rechargeable ones, I recharged them but they did not work in my camera. :(   Then I realized that it was kind of sunny outside and some of the pics I took on my iPod came out really well.  So......check em out!



Now this is the original Lizette Dionne!  I so love this gal!  I wouldn't change her for another doll.  As you know I could hardly wait til this doll came out.  But I'm very happy with her - she's so photogenic! 


I so love her versatility!



Amber, she's the essential spoiled doll~though she has competition with Antoinette!  That's a battle and a half! LOL!

More photos to come!  I took.....I'll tell you that in the next post!

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