Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Just because...I luv my dollz!

Hi! Two days in a row - woo hoo!  I was just looking at some older pics that I had taken on my iPod when I brought the girls to work.  Just thought I'd post them here in case they get lost. 

Liz in Virginia

Liz on my desk at work

Savannah, Angel, Fatima



Indirah and Tine'a

Angel and Liz

Delilah (blonde) and Lily

Monique, Angel and Liz 
Monique and Angel


I just love showing off their outfits too!

Savannah and Indirah



Eleanor, Savannah and Patience

You know Ms. Eva had to come over too!
Indirah, Brittany and Angel

I was told that Ms. Eva looked pretty and sad.  :(  I think she looks pensive.  What do you think?


Angel and Wilhemina

This outfit was one of the third outfits that I won from Maggie & Kate!  And it still looks great!  My girl is rockin this outfit too!

Fatima wearing an original WI outfit.  Can't seem to remember the name of it though.  Something about Ennui and Breakfast, I think.

Fatima, Liz and Angel
Angel's outfit is called "Royal Pain".  Go figure!

Brittany and Wilhemina

this too is an original outfit


Monique and Angel

 These are alot of pics, I know, but I have to show them off somewhere! LOL!  There are more pics that I can post, but I'll save them for another day.  Lata!


  1. What dolls are these? They are beautiful!

  2. Hi Chynadoll! These dolls are from the Elloywne Wilde collection. They are 16" tall and are very poseable. You can check them out here at http://www.wildeimagination.com/default.aspx?skinid=1

  3. You might have to copy and paste the website to view those dolls. Still learning how to use this blogger.