My Beloved Dolls's some pics I took of the dolls who came here first.  These dolls are my beloved dolls 'cause I've always loved the video game "Tomb Raider" and when Robert Tonner created the Lara Croft doll - I just had to have her!!     

RT did a fantastic job on her!  She is absolutely gorgeous! JMO!!
Of course, when they came out a second doll based on the newest game, it was only natural that I bought her too!  She was renamed Lana.  She's Lara's twin cousin!

They're both wearing outfits made by Jade Penni Creations.  When I first bought these dolls, I had to buy clothes for them as well.  Even though most of their outfits are a bit sexy, I bought casual clothes for them and they look great in them!  Here's more photos!

(On the left, Lana's wearing a two piece white set and Lara, on the right is wearing a casual blouse with matching skirt)

As you know, in my dolly world, there has to be some men involved!  So for Lana, her boyfriend, Jeremy, who is a former King of Hearts doll and Will Turner for Lara who is really Orlando Bloom from the Pirates of the Caribbean.  Lara and Will have their own love story (which will be covered at a later date) and the same applies to Lana as well.  Here's some pics of the ladies and their men!

I just love looking at these dolls after they've been redressed.  Very soon, we're all going on a dolly outing and they are coming out!!  (Well, they were the first ones to come out - so it's been a while for them)

These are just some photos I took around the house.

Antoinette, Russell, Jacqueline and RayChelle (sitting on the right) decided to hang out and have some tea!

Antoinette:  (clearing her voice) uh, excuse me?  I am not sitting!  I'm standing so everyone can see how beautiful I am!

Delilah:  Oh brother!  Can you get a grip?

Lara:  Delilah, don't pay her any attention.  That's what she's looking for, some attention.  She is extremely spoiled!  Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that.  You'll just have to grin and bear it.

Delilah:  Uh, okay I guess. 

Me:  I don't remember making this gal so conceited!  All I did was do a photo shoot with her and now she's gone bonkers!!

Lara:  Well, I think you took too many pictures of her and now it's gone to her head!

Me:  I guess you're right.  sigh....Oh well, nothing I can do about that now.  I'll just have to spoil everybody else so it's equal.

Lara:  That's a great idea!  We're up first!

From the left:  Delilah, Esme (sitting on the table), standing Antoinette, Jeremy, Will and Russell.  On the bench, from the left Lana, BiJou, Lara, (sitting on the table is Friday Foster) and then back on the bench is Jacqueline and RayChelle.
Delilah, Russell, Jacqueline and RayChelle

Delilah's wearing an outfit from my favorite ladies, Maggie & Kate!  Boots from EW collection!

Here's some more photos of my beloved dolls!

Jeremy and Lana
                 Will and Lara

And last but not least, Antoinette!