Saturday, February 25, 2012

More pictures and some talk

Well, here's the rest of the pictures that I took.  More to come later.  Maybe I'll just get the girls ready...

Angel, Patience and Liz


Eva and Angel

facing the camera

Now for the talk....

Since I've been taking pictures of Angel, I'm thinking to myself if I want to buy another doll.  I still have my 9 dolls of the Wilde Imagination gals - I do owe it myself to get another doll and make it 10.  The doll I was planning on getting is Pretty Little Lizette. 

So, what do you think?  Should I add this gal to my collection?

She was destined to be Monique - Liz and Angel's cousin.  But after seeing how gorgeous Angel is, I believe I'm happy with the dolls that I have.

Here they are with glass eyes by Beverly Richardson.  Her website is  After looking at these pictures, here's what I've decided....I'm not getting another doll.  But I will have glass eyes installed on my two new beautiful gals.

Where's Eva?

Where's Eva?  Sheesh!  I couldn't wait to get this gal and then I seem to forget all about her.  I had to make some time to snap a couple of pictures of Eva aka Evangeline Ghastly.  I even took her hair down.  She is a lovely doll with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers!  :)  So, here's a few.....

I love this dress on her!  It came all the way from Canada.  The dress was made by an ebay seller Amy's Coutoure! 

This outfit also comes with two hats, which I neglected to take photos of.

I too, love this gal as well.  Those eyes see right thru u.

Look ma!  No shoes!  Just chillin at home!

sigh...she looks so relaxed.

Well, I will definitely be bringing this gal with me in April when I attend the doll show.  I've got to show her off too!  She's definitely got some style of her own!

Luv ya babe!

My Angel's Photo Shoot

Finally I made some time to take some pictures of Angelique.  BTW, I've nicknamed her Angel, since she is one.  :D  So, without further ado....

Here's Angel relaxing and showing off her new outfit from Maggie & Kate

I just love this look on her!  So 60's!

just hangin around the house!

..trying on new wigs for that new look!!

I'm really feelin this style on her

I really do luv this gal!

She looks great in any color!

oops, forgot her shoes!

Just chillin around the house!

Lookin gorgeous with another wig!

Loving the versatility with this gal!

She looks ready for anything!


How's this hairstyle?

She looks great in any wig and style!

This is my fav photo!  You go girl, with your bad self!

If you get a chance, check out my favorite doll pics!  Which ones are your favorite?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who's Monique?

Lizette and Angelique look at each other with questions on their face...who's Monique?

Liz:  I didn't know I had another cousin, named Monique

Angel:  Well, I hope she's coming to live with us too!  I would like to make her acquaintance.  Mom!?!

Me:  Yes, Angel!!  (What is with all this yelling?  I am not deaf!)

Angel:  (looking contrite) Ah, sorry.  Who's Monique?  Is she related to us?  What does she look like?  When is she coming?  Is she coming?

I'm just looking at this doll like she has lost her mind.  Bombarding me with all these questions!!  :)

Me:  Alright, settle down.  Monique is your cousin.  You and Liz's.  She is also from Paris.  She's coming for a visit next month. 

Fatima:  Wow, we've been having alot of activity what with dolls leaving and coming to live here.  When does the insanity end?!!!

Mina:  Shh, it's not that bad.  Once Monique gets here I believe Mom said she wanted Eva to have her sister come live with us.  After that, there will be no more new dolls.  What a relief!

Brittany:  Eva has a sister?  Who is she and what's her name?

Angelique:  I think I heard Mom say her name is Annora Valentine. 

Patience:  Wow, that's a pretty name.  But I thought Mom said Annora is Eva's half sister.  That is so sweet of Mom, to get all the sisters and cousins together.  Love you Mom!

Me:  Thank you Patience.  I love you all too!  Now, let me get off this computer 'cause I have one more day for work and then we're going on vacation!  Woo hoo!

farewell...(waving goodbye)

Alina:  Ok Mom, we're ready for that group shot.  Hello?  Mom!!

Me:  Who are you yelling at?

Alina:  Sorry, you just take so long to respond.  ....

Me:  Excuse me?  Who's the parent here?  (grumbling Who does this doll think she is?  I take too long to respond, hmphf!)

Here's some goodbye pics!

Alina:  Goodbye everyone!  I'll miss you all! 

Now, I have 9 dolls not including my other ladies.  Just that my count has to be 10 dolls or else!!  Now, I can bide my time to decide if I should get Lizette's other cousin Monique.  Time to think about that.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Liz and Angel

Here's some pics of Liz and Angel (new nicknames).  Some of these photos are from work and the others were taken at home last nite.

Wearing a new wig!

Angel and Liz

Welcome home cousin!


full shot

twin cousins 4 life!

looking casual

with my best friend!

modelling a new outfit

together again!

Doll Bonding

Well, I had bonded with Brittany and could not get her out of my head.  I actually felt bad for even thinking about giving her away.  As I was packing her clothes and getting her ready to go with her new owner, my heart was very sad.  So, I decided to keep her and send Alina (who doesn't mind) to go with her new owner.

Brittany:  .... .... I'm so glad Mom changed her mind about giving me away.  I feel so much better.  Alina doesn't seem to mind and that's alright with me.

Lizette:  Wow!  That's great news!  I don't feel so bad anymore either.  I was beginning to feel like it was my fault that everyone was going to a new home.

Alina:  Excuse me everybody....I'm glad I'm going.  My new mother has the same hair color as mine and I know that she is excited that I'm coming to live with her.  I'll miss everyone here and know I will see you all again. My new mother will enjoy playing with me especially since she got some of the My Scene gals to give to her granddaughter.  They'll both have fun redressing us and just having a good time - they'll even bond too!  So, girls don't feel bad.  Rejoice cause now I will be exclusive!

Angelique:  Well, your mom sounds like a great person already.  From what Mom says, she is eager to get you.  I will miss not getting to know you better.  But maybe we'll spend some time together today and even get some pics taken before you leave.

Alina:  That sounds like a good plan.  We have to take a group shot!  Mom!!!

Me:  Shh, Alina.  You don't have to yell, I'm right here.  That is a great idea!  Let me get everyone ready.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

More dolls to leave home!

I took Brianna and Solange' to their new owner this morning.  I know that they'll be happy with their new mom!  She was so excited to get them!  It made me feel so good, knowing that I enabled somebody else into this world of dolly playing!! LOL!  Anyhoo, it got me to thinking that I need to give two more dolls away.  Well, they have to go 'cause I have another doll that I wish to buy.  It's like body for a  body (dollwise, that is).  I'm really trying to keep my doll count down, so if I give away two more dolls - that's two newer dolls that I can get!!  Besides, when you have too many dolls it takes away from the fun of playing.  So, (they don't know who's leaving next).

Indira:  Eeek!  What?!!  Two more of us are leaving?!!  Whyyyyyy!!!!!

Fatima:  Oh no!  whispering.. well, I hope I'm not leaving next.  I just got here.

Brittany:  Mom?  Hellooooo?  ...... ....... ........ Oh no, it's me isn't it?  I thought you loved me!  I don't want to go!  Wah!! Boo hoo hoo!  I'm so depressed.  I really need to see Dr. Bantam now.

Eleanor:  Oh no - so if Brittany is leaving, who else is going?  I know Mom said two dolls were leaving.  Oh boy, I hope it's not me.  I thought mom liked me.

Lara:  Alright, cut it out!!  You know if some of you are leaving, Mom will make sure you go to a nice home with a new owner who will love you.  Don't you think it's breaking Mom's heart to send you away?  But it's for the best, Mom really is trying to keep down the count of newer dolls.  If there's too many of us for her to choose from, some of us won't get played with.  That's just how it goes.  Be glad, that you're going to a new home, you're also not going alone.

Brittany:  (sniffling)  Okay, well I guess I should be happy that I won't be leaving alone and that my new mom will love me.  So, who else is coming? .... .....

Me:  I'm sorry honey - Alina's going with you.

Alina:  What?  I'm leaving.  .... ......  Okay, no problem.  I heard my new mom has the same hair color as mine so I'm okay with that.

Wilhemina:  Wow, that's umm good, I guess.  So, Brittany don't feel bad, Alina's going with you and you're both going to be okay.  Your new mom can't wait for you both to come to her home. 

Lizette:  Oh wow, I feel so bad.  Is it because of me that everyone's leaving?  I'm sorry.

Me:  Okay, everybody, calm down.  Lizette and everyone - there's no need for anybody to feel bad.  I have too many of you anyway and I need to keep my count down.  You already know how the process goes, new dolls = lots of attention; older dolls = get sent to a new owner where they'll be played with and loved.  Brittany, Alina just know that I'll always love you and will miss you.  Besides, I'm sure your new mom will bring you both with her to work where I can see you.  You'll both be okay.  I never give my girls to any owner who I feel is not going to love them.  All will be well.  Gotta go get ready for bed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She's here!

I did try to wait for her yesterday, but her flight was delayed.  So, sadly I went home and prayed that everything would be alright.  This morning when I arrived at work, I was surprised to find that  she had arrived!!  Now I'm happy!!  I didn't take any pics of her yet - will probably do that tomorrow after I've redressed her and showed her off to everyone.

Angelique:  Hello?  Is my cousin here?

Lizette:  Yes!  Hello Angelique!  I am so happy that you have come to live with us here in New York! (gives her a hug)

Angelique:  Us?  Are there more of us?

Lizette:  Why yes, of course there are lots more of us!  I'll have to introduce you to everyone so you'll feel at home.

Angelique looks around the room she's sitting in.  "Oooh yes, there are many other dolls like me but some are a little different! "

Eleanor:  We all welcome you Angelique!  We hope you will be very happy to live here!  Hopefully Mom will take a picture of all of us.  I'm sad to say that Solange and Brianna are going to their new home tomorrow.  But at least they'll be happy and played with by their new owner.

Delilah:  That's how it is when you come to live here.  We live to be loved and adored by our mother until she gets wind of a new doll.  Luckily for us, mom's got a limit on how many dolls she'll buy.  Didn't she send the My Scenes to a new home?  I thought they were staying, but they've gone to new homes as well.  That's a doll's life.  The new girls get all the attention - new outfits changed daily, brought outside and showed off to others, numerous pictures taken until a new doll comes out. 

Fatima:  I was the new girl last year. was so nice....I felt loved and adored.

Me:  Excuse me?  You're still loved and adored.  Just because there's new girls doesn't mean that I stop loving you.  I love you even more and then add more friends for you to love as well.

Fatima:  Oh, okay.  (smiles sheepishly)  Sorry 'bout that.

Me:  Everybody gets their spotlight for some time.  I have the pictures to prove it and I show off the pictures to others.  When I do that, it brings you to life.  Who knows - maybe I'll interest others into you!

Brittany:  Yep, that's about right!  (smiles)  I guess that's how Antoinette got so spoiled. 

Antoinette:  I am not spoiled!!  I'm just gorgeous!!

Brittany:  (rolls her eyes upward)  Oh brother, here we go again!  LOL!

everyone laughs...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Who's coming next?

Hmm, who's coming next?  Well, let's see....It's Lizette's cousin from Paris, Angelique!  She should be arriving here by next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on what flight she's coming in on!  LOL!  (Now you know, that's not her real name...she's the 2nd Lizette doll Essential Lizette, Wigged Out!)  I did post pictures of her in some past posts, but in case you've forgotten what she looks like ~ I do have more pics of her!  LOL! 

This is Angelique

I can't wait till she gets here!  I have so many wigs for her to try on and model!  It's peanut butter and jelly for the rest of the month!!  LOL!

Hanging out II!

Well, I brought Lizette and RayChelle to work with me!  Everyone so loves looking at these beautiful ladies!  So, here's a few pictures I snapped before leaving for home....

Lizette wearing another outfit by Maggie & Kate!

'just making sure the hard drive is still running!

RayChelle poses!

These gals are so photogenic and are great models!  I'll be bringing a new doll to work accompanied by Lizette!!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


OMG!  I saw some of the most beautiful repaints of ....who else, Lizette!  Check them out!

This gal was done by Bev of enchanted.  Bev gave her grey glass eyes and charcoal grey eye shadow!  And as an added feature, Bev even reshaped Liz's lips~made them a little smaller.

She is TDF!!!

Love this outfit too!!

Here's a group shot of all of Bev's dolls!  Yum!

This gal was repainted by somone in my doll groups!  This is Pretty Little Lizette with a full repaint!  Ain't she purdy?!!

Here's another one by Lisa M in Oceanside.  She repainted Essential Wigged, Lizette.  She is so gorgeous!  I gotta get my gals repainted!

I love her eyes and the way her wig was restyled!

Her name is Rune and she runs for $225

BTW, these are NOT my pictures!!  I borrowed them from the artist.  If you have an account at photobucket, you can look at more pics there.

After seeing all these dolls I've decided I'm getting my gals a repaint or two!