Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where's Eva?

Where's Eva?  Sheesh!  I couldn't wait to get this gal and then I seem to forget all about her.  I had to make some time to snap a couple of pictures of Eva aka Evangeline Ghastly.  I even took her hair down.  She is a lovely doll with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers!  :)  So, here's a few.....

I love this dress on her!  It came all the way from Canada.  The dress was made by an ebay seller Amy's Coutoure! 

This outfit also comes with two hats, which I neglected to take photos of.

I too, love this gal as well.  Those eyes see right thru u.

Look ma!  No shoes!  Just chillin at home!

sigh...she looks so relaxed.

Well, I will definitely be bringing this gal with me in April when I attend the doll show.  I've got to show her off too!  She's definitely got some style of her own!

Luv ya babe!

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