Thursday, February 16, 2012

farewell...(waving goodbye)

Alina:  Ok Mom, we're ready for that group shot.  Hello?  Mom!!

Me:  Who are you yelling at?

Alina:  Sorry, you just take so long to respond.  ....

Me:  Excuse me?  Who's the parent here?  (grumbling Who does this doll think she is?  I take too long to respond, hmphf!)

Here's some goodbye pics!

Alina:  Goodbye everyone!  I'll miss you all! 

Now, I have 9 dolls not including my other ladies.  Just that my count has to be 10 dolls or else!!  Now, I can bide my time to decide if I should get Lizette's other cousin Monique.  Time to think about that.

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