Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why do they change the faces?

Argh!  I just finished looking at WI new catalog of dolls.  Why do they come out with these beautiful looking dolls, then as the day goes on, change their looks?  I really love my Lizette dolls.  Look what they've done to her!!

This is the Essential Lizette Wigged Out, Too
she goes for $119 - basic doll

blue inset eyes

this wig does no justice!  I do not like this doll!
This is the basic doll. 

They must be getting desparate(?)!

Lizette - Totally Coolness, $155
Green painted eyes, brown rooted hair
This is a dressed doll - she looks like Prudence dressed her!  I mean really!

This is what they call honey skin tone

She's not bad looking - they should've given her a different name and called her a cousin of Lizette's.
Lizette, Woefully Rich, $185
this is a dressed doll

this is a wigged doll

This is my doll - she still looks like the 2nd Lizette Basic doll.
I'd like to buy this doll, but just for the wig and the outfit.  I'd have to sell the doll, of course! LOL!
I already have triplets! :D


  1. I don't like the new look. Why can't Lizette be Lizette as she was? Why such a drastic change in her look, particularly her complexion and eye color. Choice is good, but I am with you, another name for the drastically changed version would have been better.


  2. I realize that whenever these doll creators come out with a truly beautiful black doll - whatever version follows starts to get lighter and lighter. I'm keeping the Lizette dolls that I have - especially since I have two wigged Lizette's. I can give them new names with different looks and a whole new personality. My imagination runs wild!! I do however, like the Woefully Rich Lizette because she was made with the original face. I know I said I'd sell her if I bought her.....but I'll probably end up keeping her. LOL!

    1. I registered for Motor City Doll Club's March 23, 2013, luncheon which includes Lizette as a souvenir doll. I cannot attend the luncheon and only registered to get a special event Lizette. I hope the Lizette for this event is not one of the new dolls. I guess I'll have to do some investigating. The registration form can be viewed here.


  3. I agree with DBG, the can keep the first two. I do like the last doll and her outfit.

  4. Hi Brini,
    I second that notion! The last doll has the original Lizette face.

  5. I don't like the new Lizette at all. They don't know that she wasn't broke and she definitely didn't need fixing. I'm glad you have 3 of the original ladies :O)

  6. Mee too! They know I love them to death!

  7. Can someone tell me where I might find an all wigged out, too Lizette doll?