Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who's Monique?

Lizette and Angelique look at each other with questions on their face...who's Monique?

Liz:  I didn't know I had another cousin, named Monique

Angel:  Well, I hope she's coming to live with us too!  I would like to make her acquaintance.  Mom!?!

Me:  Yes, Angel!!  (What is with all this yelling?  I am not deaf!)

Angel:  (looking contrite) Ah, sorry.  Who's Monique?  Is she related to us?  What does she look like?  When is she coming?  Is she coming?

I'm just looking at this doll like she has lost her mind.  Bombarding me with all these questions!!  :)

Me:  Alright, settle down.  Monique is your cousin.  You and Liz's.  She is also from Paris.  She's coming for a visit next month. 

Fatima:  Wow, we've been having alot of activity what with dolls leaving and coming to live here.  When does the insanity end?!!!

Mina:  Shh, it's not that bad.  Once Monique gets here I believe Mom said she wanted Eva to have her sister come live with us.  After that, there will be no more new dolls.  What a relief!

Brittany:  Eva has a sister?  Who is she and what's her name?

Angelique:  I think I heard Mom say her name is Annora Valentine. 

Patience:  Wow, that's a pretty name.  But I thought Mom said Annora is Eva's half sister.  That is so sweet of Mom, to get all the sisters and cousins together.  Love you Mom!

Me:  Thank you Patience.  I love you all too!  Now, let me get off this computer 'cause I have one more day for work and then we're going on vacation!  Woo hoo!

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