Thursday, February 9, 2012

More dolls to leave home!

I took Brianna and Solange' to their new owner this morning.  I know that they'll be happy with their new mom!  She was so excited to get them!  It made me feel so good, knowing that I enabled somebody else into this world of dolly playing!! LOL!  Anyhoo, it got me to thinking that I need to give two more dolls away.  Well, they have to go 'cause I have another doll that I wish to buy.  It's like body for a  body (dollwise, that is).  I'm really trying to keep my doll count down, so if I give away two more dolls - that's two newer dolls that I can get!!  Besides, when you have too many dolls it takes away from the fun of playing.  So, (they don't know who's leaving next).

Indira:  Eeek!  What?!!  Two more of us are leaving?!!  Whyyyyyy!!!!!

Fatima:  Oh no!  whispering.. well, I hope I'm not leaving next.  I just got here.

Brittany:  Mom?  Hellooooo?  ...... ....... ........ Oh no, it's me isn't it?  I thought you loved me!  I don't want to go!  Wah!! Boo hoo hoo!  I'm so depressed.  I really need to see Dr. Bantam now.

Eleanor:  Oh no - so if Brittany is leaving, who else is going?  I know Mom said two dolls were leaving.  Oh boy, I hope it's not me.  I thought mom liked me.

Lara:  Alright, cut it out!!  You know if some of you are leaving, Mom will make sure you go to a nice home with a new owner who will love you.  Don't you think it's breaking Mom's heart to send you away?  But it's for the best, Mom really is trying to keep down the count of newer dolls.  If there's too many of us for her to choose from, some of us won't get played with.  That's just how it goes.  Be glad, that you're going to a new home, you're also not going alone.

Brittany:  (sniffling)  Okay, well I guess I should be happy that I won't be leaving alone and that my new mom will love me.  So, who else is coming? .... .....

Me:  I'm sorry honey - Alina's going with you.

Alina:  What?  I'm leaving.  .... ......  Okay, no problem.  I heard my new mom has the same hair color as mine so I'm okay with that.

Wilhemina:  Wow, that's umm good, I guess.  So, Brittany don't feel bad, Alina's going with you and you're both going to be okay.  Your new mom can't wait for you both to come to her home. 

Lizette:  Oh wow, I feel so bad.  Is it because of me that everyone's leaving?  I'm sorry.

Me:  Okay, everybody, calm down.  Lizette and everyone - there's no need for anybody to feel bad.  I have too many of you anyway and I need to keep my count down.  You already know how the process goes, new dolls = lots of attention; older dolls = get sent to a new owner where they'll be played with and loved.  Brittany, Alina just know that I'll always love you and will miss you.  Besides, I'm sure your new mom will bring you both with her to work where I can see you.  You'll both be okay.  I never give my girls to any owner who I feel is not going to love them.  All will be well.  Gotta go get ready for bed.


  1. Ladies just remember you will be loved in your new home(s).

    Angie glad to see your sticking to your guns. I'm still working my plan. Got shot down by a couple of sources but I'm still going forward :O)

  2. Thanks hon! Listen, I got some takers at my job if you want to ship them there. I'll give you the address later. Or you just let me know what you want to do. K?