Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She's here!

I did try to wait for her yesterday, but her flight was delayed.  So, sadly I went home and prayed that everything would be alright.  This morning when I arrived at work, I was surprised to find that  she had arrived!!  Now I'm happy!!  I didn't take any pics of her yet - will probably do that tomorrow after I've redressed her and showed her off to everyone.

Angelique:  Hello?  Is my cousin here?

Lizette:  Yes!  Hello Angelique!  I am so happy that you have come to live with us here in New York! (gives her a hug)

Angelique:  Us?  Are there more of us?

Lizette:  Why yes, of course there are lots more of us!  I'll have to introduce you to everyone so you'll feel at home.

Angelique looks around the room she's sitting in.  "Oooh yes, there are many other dolls like me but some are a little different! "

Eleanor:  We all welcome you Angelique!  We hope you will be very happy to live here!  Hopefully Mom will take a picture of all of us.  I'm sad to say that Solange and Brianna are going to their new home tomorrow.  But at least they'll be happy and played with by their new owner.

Delilah:  That's how it is when you come to live here.  We live to be loved and adored by our mother until she gets wind of a new doll.  Luckily for us, mom's got a limit on how many dolls she'll buy.  Didn't she send the My Scenes to a new home?  I thought they were staying, but they've gone to new homes as well.  That's a doll's life.  The new girls get all the attention - new outfits changed daily, brought outside and showed off to others, numerous pictures taken until a new doll comes out. 

Fatima:  I was the new girl last year. was so nice....I felt loved and adored.

Me:  Excuse me?  You're still loved and adored.  Just because there's new girls doesn't mean that I stop loving you.  I love you even more and then add more friends for you to love as well.

Fatima:  Oh, okay.  (smiles sheepishly)  Sorry 'bout that.

Me:  Everybody gets their spotlight for some time.  I have the pictures to prove it and I show off the pictures to others.  When I do that, it brings you to life.  Who knows - maybe I'll interest others into you!

Brittany:  Yep, that's about right!  (smiles)  I guess that's how Antoinette got so spoiled. 

Antoinette:  I am not spoiled!!  I'm just gorgeous!!

Brittany:  (rolls her eyes upward)  Oh brother, here we go again!  LOL!

everyone laughs...


  1. Bwa ha ha ha, poor Fatima XD Not in the lime-light any longer!

    And it's good to see Antoinette is so modest, hehehehe!

    1. She understands her role in the doll world that she lives in! Doll collectors are so loving of the dolls they currently hold until a newer doll comes out. But the past doll is never forgotten, cause she holds all the excitement that made the dolly owner buy her in the first place. (Hopefully that made sense! LOL!)

  2. Hi from spain, a very good text. The dialogues are very real.

    1. Hi Marta! Thank you so much! Sometimes these dolls need to express themselves as well!

  3. Congratulations on the new addition to your doll family. I look forward to seeing her pics.