Monday, August 5, 2013

Gone but not forgotten

sob....sniff..... sigh....

Well, here's some pictures of dolls gone but not forgotten.  I'll miss them, but they'll be happier in another's home.  sob..... sniff.....  I'll be okay......  ....... ....... Be right back......
........ ............ ............ ............ ........

Alright I'm back.  Just looking at all the pictures of my children that have gone to new homes, brought back some memories.  I'll be okay.  sigh....

Delilah Noir

Feeling Drained - sold on ebay

Alone on Sunday - given to a new owner
At Wit's End - sold to a new owner

Baroque n Dreams - given away to a new owner

Feeling Drained - sold on Ebay
I feel drained myself looking at all these pictures!

Delilah (blonde), Lily (brunette)
I hate to see them go - but......wah!!!!

Essential Ellowyne Three, Wigged Out
Such a pretty face.  Sold on Ebay.

Wit's End and Essential Prudence Three, Wigged Out
Wah, oh my Wilhemina - what a gorgeous doll you are!!!!!
Prudence and I did not bond, so I'm not sad that she's leaving.  I wish her well at her new home.  She was sold on ebay.
 This is when I first got started into Ellowyne Wilde.  From the left:  Brittany (Baroque n Dreams), Alina (Alone on Sunday) Wilhemina (At Wit's End), Indirah (Invisible Ink), Eva (EG - my 1st!), Eleanor (Essential Ellowyne Three), Fatima (Feeling Drained), Lily (Delilah Noir), Patience (?), Delilah Noir and Savannah (Save Me).  The dolls that are in bold print are the ones who are gone.

 These are my other Tonner ladies....Some of them are gone too!  From the left:  Diane Evans, Esme', RayChelle (Esme'), Antoinette, Jacqueline (Jac), Friday Foster, Alex (Madame Alexander).  Most of them didn't stay long.  As I stated above, the ones in Bold are no longer here anymore.

This was my very first Ellowyne.  She's Essential Ellowyne Too Redhead  - um, she was the first to go too!!  :(

She's very photogenic!

Brittany loves to pose!

Eleanor (loved her in this outfit)

Fatima and Eleanor (at least they're going to a new owner together)

Wilhemina (I missed this outfit!)

Feeling Drained with a reddish colored wig

Patience (before I put all that hair up)!

Brittany's rockin this outfit!

(she was the 2nd to go)

Brittany and Patience (they look like twins, don't they?!)

Eleanor and Fatima


 Eleanor and Wilhemina with Nadirah looking on!

Delilah and her doggy

I liked this doll too!  sigh....but she has to go as well.

 sigh....just posting some of my favorite shots!  They all went to new homes where their new mommy's will treat them better.   I will still love them and miss them too!  sob!  :P

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