Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Looking around II!

Yep, just looking at more dolls!!  (You might as well know, I look at dolls everyday!!  LOL!)  Anyhoo, here's some new pics of the Steampunk OOAK doll created by Caren of Heart and Soul dolls.  This doll is just as gorgeous as the other one and the same price $500.  Maybe if I were to hit the lottery I might buy these dolls!!  I know, Imma crazy doll lady!!  Here goes some pics.....

Ain't she purdy?

Here's a picture of a repainted doll that one of the ladies in my boardhost was selling...Check out this doll!

This doll was repainted by Lisa Gates.  I love her eyes!  She is gorgeous!!  I am so gaga over these dolls that when I get online that's all I do is look at dolls!!   Anyway, I need to get ready and take pics for theme this week - starting tomorrow.  I'll try not to overload each day with too many pictures.  I have a habit of taking a few pictures and ending up with 100-200 shots!!  :D

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