Friday, September 30, 2011

Another doll has caught my eyes!

I almost forgot ~ another doll has caught my eyes!!  OK, she's been out for a while and she's created by Robert Tonner.  Can you guess who?  She's Evangeline Ghastly!! (I tell you, it takes me so long to get interested in a new doll, but when I do look out!!  LOL!)  So, here's some pictures of the gals on my wish list!

A Cautionary Tale (Resin doll) $425 
 I love this gal's reddish, burguny rich color.  I am so tempted!!  She's also 19" tall - sigh....I'd like to say that it would be hard to redress this doll, NOT - I already saw some handmade outfits on ebay earlier!  What do you think?

I love her face paint!  She is so gorgeous!  SIGH....Her hair, her eyes, her style......

Imaginary Life (Vinyl) 17"  $175

I know that before this year is over, I'm going to have one of these dolls or both ~ well, maybe not both, but one of them!!  Mustn't let the hubby know or else!! LOL!
Here's the rest of them!!!!!

Dark Desire (Vinyl) 17"  $175

close up

Dandy of Death 17" Vinyl $190

 17" Vinyl  $190

Beautiful Nightmare

17" Vinyl doll  $175

If I have to choose between these dolls - I'd have to get Beautiful Nightmare and Imaginery Life.  And of course I'd have to get Mortimer 'cause she's gotta have her man!!


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