Sunday, November 13, 2011

Evangeline Ghastly

sigh...I still want this doll.  I was looking thru ebay and saw quite a few sales for this gal.  Of course, the ones I want are...

2009 * Waiting for Mortimer, 17" Vinyl, $165

I really like this doll.  She is so GORGEOUS!!  I'm really trying to NOT buy any more dolls because you know that I'm holding out for Lizzette Dionne and yep, Evangeline Ghastly.

A Tangled Web, 2010, 17" Vinyl, $175

a close-up
I love her face paint!!  So pretty!

A Dark Night, $220
An Evangeline Event doll

I think that it's probably a good thing that these dolls are so expensive ~ but that never stopped me before!! LOL!  I'll have to give serious consideration into getting one of these dolls.  Well, it's on to ebay for me!!

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