Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Newest Evangeline

Yep, I was looking at a new doll.  sigh....does it never end....the endless looking, sighing and hoping one can purchase a new doll....  Oh well, I think I want this doll!  She's made of vinyl and hard plastic and is more poseable than the Evangeline gal I already own.  So, without further's Now and Forever Evangeline Ghastly.....

and she's only $145.00!!

so poseable; and look at her face, that's a newer sculpt.
Her face looks so much fuller and so ALIVE!

and she's a wigged doll as well! woo hoo!
Besides turquoise is my FAVORITE color!!

Well, I'm thinking of all the possibilities of getting this doll.  Just have to wait and see....



  1. I agree she is a vey pretty doll and she rocks that hair color like nobody's business. I do believe you know all the possibilites and let's face it...YOU JUST HAVE TO GET HER!!!

  2. LOL! You know that's right! She's going to be my early Xmas present! LOL!

  3. Ok you know I'm over here tapping my foot right..LOL. She is pretty. I hope she's not as tightly strung as the last one :O)