Sunday, August 12, 2012


Today, in my Ellowyne doll group the theme was OTHER DOLLS.  So, I thought it would be nice to post pics of the dolls that got me started.  I think that everyone starts out with Barbie.  I was very addicted to this doll when I first got into's a couple of photos where I got my first enjoyment and fell in love.

What kind of dolls do you see in these pics?

The AA Barbie is a repainted doll.

Every new year, my dolls would partaay!!

The kids would get involved too!

Here's my 1st AA Silkstone with Tamika and the babies!

Tamika with Crissy and Crystal

My 2nd AA Silkie and Asha with Marisol,
while Tamika watches the baby

Hubby Dominic and Asha with Marisol

3rd AA Silkstone


Ravyn, a Teresa repaint


Francisco and Ravyn


Darius, Ru Paul, Antonio

Ahn-Soon and Alicia



Well, this is all for the 1st installation.  I have many pictures to show that I've decided to publish them for the rest of the week.  Let me know if you recognize any of them.


  1. I recognize the majority of them. Lol! Lovely dolls, sets, scenes, and restyles.

    1. Hey Georgia Girl! Just putting up the dolls was so much fun! I do miss them sometimes, but still loving my bigger gals! :D

  2. Oh Angie I remember the Flavas, Asha, FR, & a few Michelle James'. I love the you still own any of the short crowd? Loving memory lane :O) I remember seeing some of those dolls in person

    1. Hey Anika! Yep, I still have some of the short crowd! Unfortunately for them they're still in their boxes! :(
      I've got the AA Harley Davidson Barbie, Toujour Couture Silkstone, AA Classique Babs, Mad for Mod Candi and guess what I found in my closet? Tangerine Twist Babs, in her box!! I didn't know she was in there (in the closet that is) LOL! Wow!! I also have one of the Japanese Princess of the World Babs and I believe that's it! Unless you count the Moxie Teenz gals, but they're a little bigger than Babs. I use to have so much fun playing with my dolls, sigh... But I love my bigger dolls more!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your smaller dolls - those are my favorites. Love to see the Barbies, the Fashion Royalties, the Flavas, the My Scene, etc.

    Yes, the big dolls are lovely, but the smaller ones are more fun. Nah, that depends on who's talking, lol. I'm a die-hard playscale fan, but I thought I would see what was viewable here. ('Cause I'm nosy, lol.)

    Happy collecting!

    1. Hi D7ana! Thanks for the compliments! It was alot of fun playing with Barbie, FR, Flavas, My Scene etc.! Luckily I took kazillions of pictures of them! LOL! But as we grow older our passion for dolls change. I will always miss my Barbie friends and will never forget about them 'cause they got me started in the dolly world. They were the key to the bigger dolls! Who knows if my tastes will change to stuffed animals! ha ha ha :D