Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I hope everyone is well after Hurricane Sandy decided to run through our world.  Praise the Lord!  This was a time for everyone to pray and thank God for your health and safety during this time.  There wasn't too much damage in my neck of the woods - we still had electricity and not much flooding.  I heard that the train stations were all flooded so it might be some time before I have to go to work.  That actually works out for me cause I'd gotten sick with a bad bought of bronchitis and I need the rest.

Haven't posted here for a couple of months.  Since my last post which was in August, I'd purchased two more dolls.  Another Lizette renamed Monique and the Essential Amber brunette.  She gets to keep her name being that she's the only one!  I also sent some girls to new homes as I wasn't really playing with them anymore - Paris Williams and Friday Foster went to live in Staten Island, with my best girlfriend Anika!  Esme' and RayChelle went to live in Staten Island as well with one of my co-worker's Gladys.   They're all very happy!  Gladys has taken pictures of them already and even changed their outfits.  They also have new names Mya and Sapphire - after her granddaughters. 

Of course, I still have three more dolls that I want!  (Like we didn't see that coming!)  LOL!  But, at least they're only Evangelines' and I really just want one of their bodies.  (tee hee hee) :P

Now & Forever

 Vinyl and hard plastic make for very poseable doll!

 close up
 Moon over Mortuary
close up

Here's my gal Eva, aka Visiting Frogmore

 close up
a pose
rear view

My plan is to take the body of Moon over Mortuary and switch it with Eva's.  And since Now and Forever and Moondust have that flexible body, I will want to play with them more.  Now & Forever, Moondust and Moon over Mortuary are all wigged dolls.  More dolly variables!!  Woo hoo!  But that's not taking place until next year!  Maybe WI will have a great sale!!


  1. Thank God we survived over here. I'm thankful we kept power. We had all kinds of excitement though. I have to take some long overdue doll pics especially the 2 beauties I got from you.

    I haven't been able to work either. I'm going to take some pictures now while I have a moment too. Work will be back sooner than we know :O)

  2. I know time is flying. But as long as the lines are down in the lower part of Manhattan, I'm just stayin at home. My bronchitis is really kickin my butt! Hope to take some pics of the remaining gals that are still here. But that can wait til tomorrow. Gotta go lay down and see if my body will let me sleep. Glad to hear you're okay. Talk to ya soon! :D