Saturday, October 22, 2011

Evangeline Ghastly

As if I don't have enough dolls!!  I was checking out Wilde Imagination (you know they're having a sale and sent me an email)!! Well I bit and went to the website and this is what I saw!

Wilted Irish Rose, Vinyl, 17", $190

Wilted, close-up
I'm really liking this doll and am so TEMPTED to buy her!

Ipswich Fog, Vinyl, 17", $185

Ipswich, close-up

And her new outfits.......

Outfit, Graveside Picnic, $110
I like this outfit too!

Graveside, close-up you know, if I'm still looking at this gal, she's the one I want!!

Smoke and Mirrors, outfit, $110

up close

These outfits and those dolls are all NEW!  In the meantime, I'll just drool!!

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