Sunday, October 9, 2011

My dolly journal

Well, today is the first day of this lovely dolly journal.  This afternoon I took my neglected dolls out of their hiding places and redressed them and restyled their hair.  What a lot of work!! Whew!!  I had to redress twelve dolls!!  I had a plan of doing a photo shoot today, but after all the redressing and doing hair - I'm pooped!!  So, I've decided to wait until tomorrow.  Everyone looks so nice!!  Lana and Lara (aka the twins) are both looking gorgeous as always!!  I shall not post any pics this evening.  So, you'll have to wait.  I must send an email to my dolly fashionista so I can show her that her outfits fit other dolls as well.  Wait til you see them!!  I can hardly wait!  So, here they are.....

Will Turner:  Honey, what you're wearing compliments me so well.  I love how Mom always seems to match us up perfectly.

Lara:  How true!  I do love the outfit I'm wearing and can't wait for our photos to be taken.  It's been a very long time for us.  I will not ask why the long wait.  sigh...

Lana:  You know how Mom gets about us dolls.  Whenever a new one comes to live with us - we become the forgotten ones.  But deep down inside I know Mom still and always will love us.  Did you see her looking at our pictures in the albums she keeps?

Jeremy:  Yep, she was looking at them for a long time.  Funny how she didn't match us up until after she had redressed Will.  Maybe I can send her a message when she goes to sleep, that way our photo shoot will look fantastic!

Jacqueline:  Mom has a definite "eye" for colors!  She matched all of us with the perfect outfit!!  I can't wait for this photo shoot.  I think it's been about two years since our last shoot! 

Antoinette:  Well, at least she finally changed my top!!  The other sweater did not do me justice!  Mmm mmm, no way.  I like this color on me!  It makes my hair even more gorgeous than it already is!  (smiling to herself)

Delilah:  Oh boy!  Is she (talking about Antoinette) always like this?  I've never seen a doll so self-centered!!  Can you spare a thought for someone else?  Sheesh!!

RayChelle:  Delilah?  You're the newest gal aren't you?  Say hello to Antoinette.  Even with all the new ladies here, she still manages to think of only herself.  Delilah, welcome to our home.

Delilah:  (blushing) Why thank you RayChelle!!  It's nice to know that there are other different dolls than the EW's! 

Patience:  Excuse me?  Weren't you just sitting next to me?  I can't help it if we're so adorable that Mom fell in love with us.  (giggle)  It's not our fault ~ and no ~ I'm not as self-centered as red up there is!  Let me tell you a story.  A long time ago (I mean years!!) Mom use to collect and play with a doll named Barbie.  Now Barbie had ALOT OF FRIENDS!!  And because they were so easy to get, Mom had ALOT of them.

Lara:  How do you know all of this?  You weren't even here at the time.  Mom had a whole lot of dolls before we all came.  I remember Mom telling her friends that she would never collect the bigger dolls and look who's here now - taking over the place?  We are!!  You should be happy that Mom loves you best because she use to fall in love with newer dolls, buy them and then forget all about us!!  Or until the novelty of the new doll wore off.  Then the latest dolls would get forgotten and we would get played with.  I remember when I first came here - Mom was so IN LOVE WITH ME!!  Then she decided that I needed a boyfriend and then came Will.  It was love at first sight ~ we had our own story!!  Then Lana came to live with us (she's very stubborn) so it was a while before she got a boyfriend as well.

Jeremy:  That would be me.  Mine and Lana's story was full of fun and intrique.  I was trying to wear Lana down and eventually we became an item.  Remember sweetheart?

Lana:  Uh huh.  We were the favorite dolls for two years!!  Mom sold all of her Barbies', Fashion Royalty (of course I couldn't see where the royalty was at!), Tiny Kitty's, Flava, Kelly, Skippers, Janays'.  I'd say Mom had a total of 300 dolls that she sold or gave away, just so she could buy us.

Jacqueline:  Well, don't forget about us.  We came after Lara and Will.  It was the Esme's and Friday and me as well.  Then Russell came along and we were just having a good ole' time!!

Antoinette:  Excuse me?  I was here too! 

Jacqueline:  Oh my, she speaks!  (laughing) Sorry hon, the order was Barbie & company, Janay and friends, FR, Tiny Kitty, My Scene, Flava, Bratz.  After they were all sold and given away Lara and Will arrived first.  Then came Esme', Friday, me and Antoinette.  Then Nadirah and Camille showed up (they were a birthday present for Mom), they got alot of attention when they came!!  After a while Lana and then Jeremy arrived. 

Jeremy:  Yup, that sounds about right.  So, we were all here before the little youngun's arrived!!  They were supposed to be the friends for Antoinette.  Nadirah and Camille fit right in with no problem.  After the first Ellowyne arrived, I thought that she would be the last.....but nope that's not what happened!!

Brittany:  I came and Mom had so much fun with me!!  I have my OWN album!!  Then Brianna came and it started all over again.  Sometimes I think Mom loves Brianna more than all of us!

Me:  That is so not true!!  She's the first dark haired gal with a style all her own.   She was just irresistable - just like you were/are.  Everyone gets the same treatment.  I love all my dolls equally!!  It's just that the newer dolls always get their share of the spotlight.  Then everyone gets played together.  Hence the photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow.

Friday:  Hey listen up!  Mom's got a wonderful surprise for all lof us this coming holiday.  Shhh, it's a secret.  I know what it is!

Esme':  What is it?

Friday:  I'm not telling.  You should've been paying attention.  But don't worry, everyone here will be satisfied.  Okay back to the story....NEXT!!

Savannah:  I'm next.  I'm the 3rd gal in this series and certainly not the last.  We're all beloved dolls!!  Everyone has their own story when they arrived.  After me, came Patience, Solange', Alina, Wilhemina, Fatima, Eleanor and Indirah.  And surprisingly, Mom remembers everyone's name!!  Actually, Delilah is the last doll to come but then she won't really be the last because from what I saw today there's two more gals coming. 

Gasp!! From everyone:  How do you know?   Do you know who they are and when they're coming?

Delilah:  From what I understand it's a new doll from the WI collection.  Her name is Lizzette. Plus when Mom was on ebay she saw Friday's sister Diane.  So these two ladies will be coming to live with us very soon.

Friday:  Wait a minute.  I have a sister?  Who is she?  Her name is whoa ~ Diane?

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