Friday, October 14, 2011

Another New Doll

Me:  Yep, I've been perusing ebay again!!  And guess who I fell in love with?  Paris Williams!  Who's that?  Well, she's a 16" Madame Alexander doll and she's gorgeous!!  Here's her picture....

She has bendy wrists and is very poseable!

Here's another pose!

She and Jacqueline will be the best of friends!  (They both have blonde hair! LOL)

I guess I'll never stop looking at dolls, though I can't remember how I came across this lovely lady.  There are more like her as always.  Check these out!

Backstage Pass

This girl's got boxed braids with the black rubber bands on the end!!  You go girl!

Greed Paris Williams


Festiva Paris Williams

close - up

Now these pics are not mine.  I borrowed them from the sellers.  Just wanted to show off what this gal looks like.

I've already bidded on "Always a Lady".  Because this doll came out already, I don't think anyone will outbid me.  At least I hope they don't.  LOL!

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