Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just Talking

Brianna:  Hey! Where'd everybody go?

Brittany:  I think they're in the bag.

Brianna:  Why?  Are they all in the bag?  Where is the bag?  MOM!!!!

Me:  Brianna!  Shhh!  Calm down.  Where's the emergency?

Brianna:  Huh?  Emergency?  Wha!

Me:  You were yelling out my name like there was a fire.  What is going on with you?

Brianna:  Where's Lara & Lana, RayChelle, Jacqueline, Friday and the rest of them?

Me:  Didn't Brittany tell you?  They're in the bag in the closet.  I was getting them ready for the next dolly outing.

Brianna:  Oh. (smiles sheepishly).

Me:  I had planned on taking everyone out this weekend, but I forgot I need to get ready to go back to work.  So, we're not going anywhere this Saturday.

Brittany:  Bummer.  Oh well.  At least they did have a lil photo shoot.  Hey Bri, did you say hello to the new doll?  Her name is Arizona.  Hi Arizona!  Welcome to our dolly home.

Arizona:   Hi, err what did you say your name was?

Brittany:  Oh, right.  It's Brittany.  (blushes)  I'll introduce you to everyone else.  We're all very friendly and love when new dolls come to live with us.

Brianna:  Hi Arizona!  You look a lil like BiJou.  Doesn't she Bri?

Arizona:  BiJou?  BiJou is here?!!

Brittany:  Yes, BiJou lives here.  Do you know her?

Arizona:  Yes!!  She's my BFF!  Where is she?  BiJOU ~ where are you?!!!

Me:  (Why are all these dollies in an uproar?)  Arizona, please calm down.  BiJou does live here and she's in the bag with everyone else.  Maybe tomorrow I'll take her out so you both can talk.  OK?

Arizona:  OK.  (watches me get up and go into the closet) BiJOU!!!

BiJou:  Ari!! (they hug each other)  Ari, when did you get here?  How long have you been here?

Arizona:  I arrived on Tuesday evening.  Mom just took me out of the box last night.  I was getting lonely sitting over here by myself.  I didn't know you lived here.  But I'm so happy right now!

BiJou:  This is so great!  My BFF is here!  Did you meet everyone else?

Arizona:  No, just the Ellowyne's.  They're kind of nice.

Brianna:  Hey!  What do you mean "we're kind of nice"?  We are nice!!

Arizona:  Sorry, I wasn't trying to hurt your feelings.  You are nice and very friendly.  (turns to BiJou) Where are the other dolls?  Are they still in the bag?  From what I heard there's more dolls coming to live here.

BiJou:  yes, Friday's half sister Diane Evans is coming and Paris Williams, a new doll is coming as well.  But, I hear Delilah's twin sister is coming here too!!

From the Ellowynes':  gasp!!  Delilah has a twin?  Does she know?  Ooooh, Mom you have to get her out of the bag!

Me:  Shush now.  No Delilah doesn't know.  I'll take her out tomorrow after Lilly gets here.

Brianna:  Oh, what a pretty name..Lilly.  Delilah and Lilly.  Sounds quite nice.  (giggle)

Brittany:  Oooh I can't wait to see Delilah's face when she sees her sister!!


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