Sunday, October 16, 2011

Talented Artists

I have had the pleasure to "talk" to the talented lady who created the repainted dolls for steampunk that I talked about in a previous post.  Her name is Caren.  Her site is Heart and Soul Repaints by Caren.  This is a very talented young lady and she's so nice!!  She's in my EE board group (EE stands for Ellowyne's Ennui).  When I first started this blogger it was all about Ellowyne Wilde, but because I have other dolls it wasn't fair of me to always show off Ellowyne.  So, I changed the name and now show off all of my dolls!

Okay, back to Caren.  Anyway, I bought some outfits from her and she showed me some pics of some of the characters from the movie Twilight  (which I happen to be a fan of!!) that she repainted.  I know she won't mind if I show them off here!

Edward & Bella - the likeness is so uncanny.

Bella's close up

Jacob & Bella


I cannot wait til Breaking Dawn comes out!! Woo hoo!!   Ahem, back to what I was saying, Caren is a beautiful person who re-creates a newer doll that take on a whole new personality.  I'm going to have to start saving up for one of Caren's dolls!

I'm going back to Caren's site so I can drool over her dolls!!  LOL!  Nitey nite!

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