Monday, October 24, 2011

Hmmm, bummer!

Delilah:  I'm tired of just sitting here.  I thought Mom was taking our pictures.

Lily:  She did take our pictures, remember?

Delilah:  Yeah, I remember - but I thought we were getting a photo shoot. I want to show off.

Lily:  Well, I heard Mom mumbling something about not finding her USB cord on her camera.   She did take a few pictures, but she needs that plug.

Me:  (sotto voice) Lily fitted right in and when she arrived and met her twin sister Delilah, it was such a shock!  As you can tell, they fit in beautifully.  Now where the heck did I put that cord?  Argh!  So frustrating!

Arizona:  Mom did take a few of pictures.  We have to help her find that cord?  BiJou, do you remember seeing where Mom last had it?

BiJou:  Ah, no.  I was in the closet for heavens sake!  I don't know where anything is!

Arizona:  Oh pooh!  I was hoping you might know.  sigh...  Maybe she'll find it if we help her look for it.

Delilah:  Oooh, that sounds like a plan.  This way if we look for  it, Mom can post our pictures here on this blog.  Okay, so here's the plan - as soon as Mom goes to sleep we'll look for the cord.  Alright?

Lily, BiJou, Arizona and the Ellowynes:  OK (together) we'll help to find the cord too! 

Alina:  I definitely need a photo shoot especially since we all got new outfits.  I love this outfit I'm wearing.

Lily:  I like my outfit too!  I've worn two new outfits already.  I especially love this outfit - it fits me to a "t".

Delilah:  Mom got some more outfits in the mail this evening.  She looked so happy going thru the items.  I think she said they were for the guys!!

Lily:  Guys?  There's guys?  Guys for us?

Delilah:  Ah, no.  They already have girlfriends and I don't think you want to mess around with them.  Besides, I heard they have guns.

Lily:  Guns?!!!  Are they planning on shooting us?  I'm sorry, I don't want anybody else's man!  I don't play that!

Delilah:  (laughing) No silly!  Lara and Lana Croft carry guns but not to shoot us with.  At least I hope not!

Brianna:  No, the guns are part of their outfits.  Those ladies are from the video game and movie Tomb Raider.  The guns are their props.

Lily:  Ooooh.

Delilah:  Uh oh... Mom looks upset.  Hey ladies, we've got to help Mom find that USB cord.  So, we'll look tonight after she goes to sleep.  OK?

(everyone else replies at the same time)  ok.  We promise.

nite nite

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