Thursday, July 13, 2017

They're here!

I almost forgot....almost...that they were coming!!  I went outside to get something to snack on and when I came back into the building, one of the guys at the front desk said that there was a box for me.  When I turned and saw it - a big smile popped up on my face.


Angelique de la Nuit is GORGEOUS and STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL.  sigh....

PARNILLA GHASTLY she's got to be a cousin, right?  She is GORGEOUS as well.  I forgot to add the pictures to the computer so I can show you the proof.  But that's okay.  And they can wear the clothes that I have for Ello and the girls.  Some of the pants will be like capri for the 19" dolls. lol!  But I'll be getting more casual clothes and shoes for them as well.

All for now...Nighty night  and GOD BLESS!


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