Sunday, July 9, 2017

Dolly Talk

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Olivia:   Wow!  (talking to Angel)

Angel:    Huh? 

Olivia:    So, there's more dolls like me?   like us?   How come I haven't seen them?  I would love to meet them!

Angel:    Oh, you will.  I just don't know when.  Our Mom is a busy lady and sometimes doesn't have time to get us all together, but we keep praying. 

Olivia:  (puts her head down), Oh, you pray?  I didn't know we could do that.  (Raises her head) That's awesome!!  That means you guys know about (whispers) the Lord? The Man upstairs?  (Claps excitedly)  That is great news!

Angel:  It is!  He is the reason we are all here. 

Indirah:  Oh, now I get it.  He comes first before everything and everybody.  He created the person who designed us.  He's first in everything.  Mom, was getting to know Him and we got set back.  But He says its okay for her to love us - as long as she doesn't forget Him.  He's the reason why we were put on the back burner.

Angel:   Huh? Back burner?  I don't want to be on a back burner - wouldn't we just melt if that happened?  (starts to cry ) I...I...I don't want to get burned up!!  Wah!!!!

Everybody starts to cry........Wah!!!!! 

Me:  Wha the?   Okay, hey!  Everybody calm down - nobodies going to get burned up and melted.  Stop crying.  Stop it!!  

The dolls:  Sniff, sniff.  

Angel:   Okay, (wiping tears). 

Indirah:   (shaking her head) I meant that we got left behind and we felt like Mom didn't want to play with us anymore.  Sheesh!  Stop taking what I say to heart.  Please!!

Angel:  Indirah, how'd you know?

Indirah:  Remember I was here first, you guys came much later.  You should've been here when there were more of us.  Mom sent those girls to another home where they are much happy and I heard Mom say just yesterday that she was happy with the girls she presently has.  Which is us.  Okay?  The guy who makes us, isn't doing that anymore.

Olivia:  Who was that and why not? 

Indirah:  His name is Robert Tonner.  He wants to make a different line of dolls.  That's okay with me.  That just means that Mom won't be buying any more dolls unless she falls in love with them too.  And then the whole cycle will start all over again.

Olivia:  Oh.  Okay.  I'm just so happy to be here. 


Me:  Well, I'm happy you guys are here too.  Of course, the only other doll I definitely want to get are:

Parnilla and Angelique.....they are acquaintances of Evangeline and Ginger.  Once I get them, I should be good as far as dolls go.  Besides, I'm starting to run out of room to put them.  Lol!  And then Fall will start to come and I'll need some outfits for them.  I pray that by next year I will be driving (a real car) and then I can take everyone out (because I'll have some space to carry y'all)!  And I can do a lovely photo shoot with all of you. 

The large headed dolls and the small headed dolls.  Oops, lol!

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