Sunday, July 9, 2017

Just remembering....

Well, I thought I'd post my favorite pictures of the dolls who are still here, ones who are not and the ones I plan on keeping AS WELL as the newer dolls THAT I WANT.

Introducing Angelique De La Nuit all the way from Louisiana.
 Here she is posing with Russell Williams.
Here's a pic with Evie.  Angelique and I did not BOND, so she's gone to live with my BFF Anika.  I hope she will be happy there. 
 These are my Ello girls - Pru (dence) and Phoebe.
 Mz. Amber and Lizzette Dionne (who also no longer resides here.  She left with Angelique)

Amber, Lizette, Phoebe
 I love this shot!
 Indirah (she's still here)
 (Baroque Dreams Ello aka Brianna)
 She was my 1st Ellowyne
 She's very photogenic and takes great pictures!

 Indirah (before I cut her hair)
Diane Evans (Friday Foster sculpt) She's Friday's half sister.

 My Angel.  aka Angelique
 Mz. Amber
 Tine'a (Tiny Expectations)

 Indirah (Invisible Dreams)

 Savannah (Save Me)
 Evangeline Ghastly (Visiting Frogmore)
 I took her hair down.  I love how she looks now!
One of my favorite poses...
I forget the type of dolls they are.  On the left is Arizona and on the right is BiJou.  They're BFF's!
 Delilah and Lily.  These are BJD dolls.  You can change their hair and eyes.
 Savannah in her Christmas dress.
 Solange (hmm, trying to remember this doll)
 Group shot
 Essential Ellowyne Blonde?
Here's when I first got involved with these Ellowyne Wilde dolls, I made a promise that I would only keep ten.  Guess which ones are still here. 

If you said Indirah and Savannah, you are correct!  As much fun as I had with these gals, some had to go and new ones came on the scene.
That reminds me, I'm overdue for another group shot of all the dolls that I currently own, included the smaller headed dolls .
All for now...stay blessed people and have a wonderful day!
today is the day that the Lord has made
let us be glad and rejoice in it!

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