Sunday, July 9, 2017

I almost forgot.....

These are the other pictures of "Dolls long gone..."  Sometimes I wonder why I do that when I look at them again.  sigh   Oh well.

We went to FAO Schwarz and the dolls posed with their Original gals.

 Just a few others I may have wanted at one time or the other.

Indirah posing
 The first two ladies are no longer here.  The doll on the right is a "Cami" doll.  Her name is Jonquil.
 I'm still trying to find these dolly sunglasses.
All of these gals are gone too!

 Jon is still with me.

 They're comforting each other because they know their time is at an end.
 This is one of the many dolly gatherings!
All dolls are invited!

 My newest Lizzette doll,
before I took her out the box.

 Here she is - (drumroll please) aka Olivia!

 She says she going to eat all these M&M's!
 Angel & Olivia after redressing

 close up - hanging out with me at work!

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