Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Just when I thought I'd seen everything...

OMGosh!  After I finally paid off my birthday girls - Windy Evenings Angelique and In the Storms Eye  Parnilla, this is what I saw......(smh, "I still can't believe this.")

This is Lizette Dionne
Saturday Runaround

That's why you should wait.....
This Lizette doll is perfect! (okay she's not perfect but she's close)
I love this outfit on her and her hair...sigh
Kind makes me wish I should've kept the 1st Lizette,
  I could've done her hair something like this.
I mean don't get me wrong I love Overhead Lights Lizette, but
if I had to make a choice - I probably would've gotten this doll
instead.  Hmmm, unless.......
 This is Top Tier Ello
Isn't she adorable?  Her outfit makes me
want to eat cake!  LOL!
This is Possibly Clairvoyant Ello
She sort of looks like the Prudence
face sculpt
I'm not saying where I've seen these dolls,
but ever since Robert Tonner has decided to
stop production of these dolls, it makes you
want to hurry up and buy these dolls.
Hmmm, maybe, just maybe I can squeeze in one
more doll.  Sort of my birthday present.  Instead of
buying two, I can get three instead.
Until I saw this one...
 Sultry & Serene Lizette with the lighter skin tone
Here's she's being sold nude
Of course I would rather get her with the outfit,
I mean wouldn't you?
This could be her Xmas finery, that's all I'm saying.....
I would just buy her nude and see if I can
get the outfit later.

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