Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dolly Talk 1

Olivia:  Two new girls that are BFFs are coming home, soon.

Angel:  Yeah, that's what I heard.  I can't say I remember Mom looking so excited.

Olivia:  Really?  Why?

Angel:  Well, you know the story Indirah mentioned it the other day.  Mom had put us away for a long time.  She hadn't played with us or taken us out in a year.  Ginger, Phoebe, Lizette and....

Amber:  Hello?  Don't forget about me.  I went out too!

Angel:  (Excuse me...!)  Well, Mz. Amber if you would've let me finish.  (Shh)  and Amber went out last year.  I heard they had a ball.  Anyway, I'm still waiting.

Olivia:  You have a very short memory.  You did get to go out - you went out with me.  We went to Mom's job, remember?  Actually, we went out twice and even in the same week!  Can it get more exciting than that?

Angel:  Oh, yeah.  You're right. (blushing)

Indirah:  Allrighty then, at least you went out.  I would love to go out with my sister, Tine'a.  We haven't been out in almost three years if that much.

Olivia:  Eep!  I'm so sorry to hear that.  Does it really get that bad?  We'd better start praying that we get to go out much sooner than that.  Mom's looking a bit tired.  Well, good night all!  Be blessed!

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