Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Other Dolls

I know when I began this blog it was supposed to strictly be about Ellowyne Wilde, but I have to give some time to my other dolls as well.  So this post will be about my other dolls.  When I first started collecting it was Barbie first.  I had just several dolls that I played with and the rest were still in their boxes, sitting on the shelves getting admired.  But that was it!  Then after I got online I found out about other people who loved Barbie and joined several doll groups that were just about Barbie.  While reading stories from others and drooling over others' dolls I found out that there were other doll makers and that's how I became addicted to dolls!  Then Mattel came out with the My Scene dolls (similar to the Bratz) whom I fell in love with at first sight!!    Here are my versions of the My Scene dolls who've been body swapped with the Model Muse bodies!!






After them I discovered a Janay doll while shopping at K-Mart.  That's when I found out about  Integrity Toys and their playline dolls Janay, Alyssa and Tariq just to name a few. I thought they'd make great friends for all my Barbie dolls.  And they did for a while, until I discovered the Fashion Royalty dolls - Adele Makeda, Veronique and Vanessa Perrin, Kyori Sato and so many more that came after that.  My collection grew to 150 dolls!  Well, I had so many dolls and so little time to play much less who was I to play with?  That being the question, I had to downsize my collection  and make way for my newer loves the Fashion Royalty dolls.  Alas, after going crazy and obtaining Adele Makeda, Kyori Sato, Isha, Veronique, Collette D., Erin, Nadja and Francisco and mind you, I had more than 1 of these dolls!!! It was time to downsize again.  I had found myself bored with these dolls.  (Yes, it's possible for that to happen!) So, one by one I sold them all until I had one doll left Exotica Adele Makeda. 

But now she's gone too!  After selling all my Fashion Royalty dolls I fell in love with a 17" doll by the name of Lara Croft.  She's from the video game Tomb Raider.  (Did I mention that I play video games too?) I told all my dolly friends that I would never get a big doll because they're BIG!  But when Robert Tonner came out with the Lara Croft doll - I had to have her!  She is so beautiful and she looks just like she does in the video game.  Well, Tomb Raider is my favorite video game of all time.   I had all seven of the game and now I had to have the doll.  No thought about her size - I just had to have her!

(Her outfits came from ebay too!  Jade Penni Creations is my doll fashionista!  She made all the clothes for my Lara!) :D  Well, after Lara came she needed a boyfriend and he came as Will Turner (Orlando Bloom from the Pirates of the Caribbean).  He's a babe and he and Lara look like they were made for each other!

Well after getting these two dolls, out came another Lara Croft from the video game Tomb Raider Legend and you know I had to have that doll as well!  And you know she needed a boyfriend too!!  Her name is Lana Croft (she's Lara's cousin) and King of Hearts - Jeremy Smyth is Lana's boyfriend.  They too look great together!

Lana has alot of attitude and Jeremy has a great sense of humor.  Perfect!  You know what they say about opposites attract...!  Here's another picture of them together....

After these four dolls, I discovered that I DID like these BIG dolls and yep (you guessed it) looked on ebay for more dolls.  But I found out about the Tyler Wentworth collection and her friends!  That's how I came to own six Esme' dolls and Jac.  Then came Friday Foster and Russell Williams. didn't stop with them, RT (Robert Tonner) came out with Antoinette and then the Cami dolls.  Now I'm into the bigger dolls and I love them!    So, after looking around my bedroom I figured I needed space for these dolls and it was time for my other dolls to go!  Yep, so I packed a box and started selling and giving the dolls away.  I sent them to other doll friends who love dollz as much as I do!  That's when Ellowyne Wilde came into the picture.  I got a catalog from a co-worker and drooled over the pages for a year!  Then this year came and I was able to buy Essential Ellowyne and that's all she wrote!  The rest is history!


  1. You crack me up but I live vicariously through your big dolls. I'm not going down that road..LOL