Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brianna's Photo Shoot

Here's some more pictures that I took of Brianna in different outfits.  I so love this doll!

This outfit was made by Kimberlee Weaver of Weaver Upholstery - this outfit is from the All About Business sets.  I really love how Brianna looks in this outfit.  As if it were made ONLY for her!

Even the jewelry matches!

See the posing!

Out to Lunch                 

I got this outfit from Jade Penni Creations, ebay of course!  Ms. Penni makes alot of fashions for Ellowyne Wilde, Antoinette, Cami dolls and Deeanna Denton/Lara Croft dolls.  I love the outfits she makes - I love how casual these gals look in these outfits!  I made the earrings Brianna's wearing, but I wasn't feeling too comfortable about it, so I changed it for these......ah, they're kind of small, but they're copper seed bead dangle earrings.  Ms. Penni made the chain.