Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello and welcome to my Blogger!

Hello and welcome to my blogger!  This blog is all about Ellowyne Wilde - she's the new doll in town!  Check out her story and her photo shoots.  Ellowyne Wilde is a lovely girl who's mood is a bit on the melancholy side.  She's a joy to play with and takes really great photos!  I was introduced to her rather late in life (it always takes me a while to get into a new doll) but once I saw her it was love at first sight!

My first Ellowyne Wilde who's been renamed Brianna is the Essential Ellowyne Redhead doll.  (I have this thing for dolls with red hair :p)  Luckily, being that I'm a doll lover, I already had outfits for her.  At first, the other dolls didn't take to her right away.  (She reminds me of the my scene dolls with the larger head - she's just 16" taller).  Antoinette who was the 1st teenager (and a bit spoiled) did not like all the attention that Brianna was receiving.  No, Antoinette did not like it one bit!

Antoinette is wearing the black top.  Camille's wearing  the green outfit.
I received this sweater from a really nice ebay seller who made this for my doll!  Check out Brianna's photo shoot!

She's so poseable!

And she can stand up all by herself!

I made the jewelry she's wearing!  Oh, I feel so inspired to create!!

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