Thursday, November 5, 2015

She's here!!

Angelique de la Nuit - now if that isn't a French sounding name then I don't know what is.  She's here!  She arrived in New York a lot sooner than I expected.  She is gorgeous!  And she has my first name, sigh...  You know I just had to get this particular gal - I got her at a great price and with her original outfit no less!  Unfortunately for me, she's stuck at work.  I'm home bound due to surgery and she's stuck at my job.

Angelique:  What?  Where am I?  What is this I am in?  Helloooo?  Where is my owner?  She was so happy to get me and then just left me here!!  How dare she?  Hmph!  I cannot get out of this box!!  Can anybody hear me?  Hellooo?  Ooooh, just wait til I see this owner - I don't want to belong to someone who wouldn't even take me home.  Sigh....  Should've just let someone else buy me.  Maybe someone will mail me back to my old owner.   #*&@!!

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